Genshin Impact – Quick Geovishap Farming Route (18 Geovishaps)

Quick Geovishap Farming Route Guide

Geovishaps are relatively spread out across Liyue, and using the Adventurer’s Handbook can sometimes be slow and inefficient – thus, I hope this guide can help you make the best use of your time.

Bone Shards are used as weapon ascension materials for weapons including Lithic Spear, Serpent Spine and the 5* Catalyst Memory of Dust.

Now, let’s take a look at the routes.

Note: These routes count Adult Geovishaps and Geovishap Hatchlings as the same monsters.

Mingyun Village

Total: 3 Geovishap Hatchlings.

Mt. Aozang

Total: 2 Geovishaps and 3 Geovishap Hatchlings.

The dotted route indicates a cave.

Tianqiu Valley

Total: 1 Geovishap and 6 Geovishap Hatchlings.

Mt. Tianheng

Total: 3 Geovishap Hatchlings.

That will be all, I hope this guide could be of help!

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