NieR Replicant – Fishing Guide

Fish Type & Locations

Small Fish

These are standard fish that can be hooked after a few nibbles followed by the bob disappearing into the water, and generally require two or three tugs on the line.

Order by: Fish, Bait, Location

Shaman Fish, Lure, Seafront: Hidden Beach (Towards the lighthouse, where the seals are, as indicated with a red cross on the map while on a quest for this fish)

Sardine*, Lure, Seafront: Beach

Blowfish*, Lure, Seafront: Pier

Rainbow Trout*, Lure, Northern Plains: Below the Junkyard Entrance

Bream*, Lure, Seafront: Pier

Carp, Earthworm, Nier’s Village: Pond

Black Bass*, Lure, Nier’s Village: Pond

Giant Catfish, Carp, Eastern Valley: Pond

Shark, Lure, Seafront: Pier

Large Fish

A strong tug from the get-go indicates nibbles by large fish and typically you need to start hooking immediately. There’s no waiting for the bob to submerge into water.

Blue Marlin, Lure/Sardine, Seafront: Pier

Royal Fish*, Earthworm, Eastern Valley: Pond

Sandfish*, Lure, Desert: Sandpits

Hyneria*, Sardine, Desert: Sandpits

Dunkleosteus**, Lure/Sardine, Seafront: Pier

Rhizodont*, Sardine, Desert: Sandpits

  • * Fish required for The Fisherman’s Gambit quest.
  • ** Dunkleosteus is the only large fish that will come with three tugs.

Vendors sell baits, and some of them are low level fish you can catch yourself.

Extra: Aquatic plants and dead branches are useless, rusty buckets and clumps are required for some weapon upgrades.

Fishing Quests

Quest chain unlocks upon completing the quest to catch a shaman fish for Yonah.

  1. The Fisherman’s Gambit: Catch ten Sardines
  2. The Fisherman’s Gambit 2: Catch seven Blowfish
  3. The Fisherman’s Gambit 3: Catch seven Rainbow Trout
  4. The Fisherman’s Gambit 4: Catch five Bream
  5. The Fisherman’s Gambit 5: Catch five Black Bass
  6. The Fisherman’s Gambit 6: Catch three Sandfish
  7. The Fisherman’s Gambit 7: Catch three Royal Fish
  8. The Fisherman’s Gambit 8: Catch three Blue Marlin
  9. The Fisherman’s Final Gambit: Catch one Hyneria

These quests are necessary to improve your character’s fishing skill in order to catch bigger fish.

Fish & Value

Species / Sell Value

  • Black Bass – 1500
  • Blowfish – 500
  • Blue Marlin – 1900
  • Bream – 750
  • Carp – 100
  • Dunkleosteus – 12500
  • Giant Catfish – 2250
  • Hyneria – 6000
  • Rainbow Trout – 600
  • Rhizodont – 600
  • Royal Fish – 4000
  • Sandfish – 2500
  • Sardine – 125
  • Shaman Fish – 60
  • Shark – 1250
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