The Isle – Beginners Guide for Evrima (Tips and Tricks, Hunting)

This guide is for people who are new to Evrima and who need help with hunting players, I will only be covering the Deinosuchus.

Tips and Tricks for Newbies


As a baby Deinosuchus its a hard long life but that’s not what i’m covering. As a baby you are extremely weak in health and damage wise so as a baby u must mainly eat Elite fish (big fish). Elite fish are easy to kill but in the future will be changed Elite fish are 2-3 hits as a baby and do not fight back, when Elite fishes go near you they will try to flee but you must chase after them. They have a low stamina pool so its very easy to catch them. Elite fish max your food as a baby but as a adult they give a small portion but is very worth it.


At any growth of a Deinosuchus you can lunge which is your strongest attack but its not pressing right-click. Its holding it and do perform a lunge you must water-walk (waterwalking is when your on the bottom of the riverbed, to tell if you are you are slower and use less stamina when sprinting on it; it generates no sound when your a adult and sprinting). When you about to lunge make sure your looking at your prey but don’t get to close or you will scare him off as he will be able to see your terrifying jaws. Also when you see prey drinking that your about to lunge they must be half your weight. Iwill name all the weights at the bottom of the guide. Lunging takes away alot of stamina as you must hold them in your jaws and drag them lower into the lake or river, when you lunge something quickly run into the water and away from the land and drown him once you have no stamina you will drop him and then you must bite him repeatedly if hes still alive.


When you have got to this stage you can lunge almost everything and are one of the alpha species at the minute. And when your an adult if your hunting big game like a small herd of Stego’s which i wouldn’t recommend, you must have a pack of adult deinos to hunt them. I also recommend if your hunting Stego’s go for at least 2 or less or you will most likely die as they deal high bleed and damage.


  • Stego 4 Tons – 5 Tons -Not lungeable.
  • Tenontosaurus 1.6 Tons – Lungeable.
  • Deinosuchus 8 Tons – Not lungeable.
  • Hypsilophodon 20 Kg – Lungeable.
  • Utah-Raptor 500Kg – Lungeable.
  • Carnotaurus 1.8 Tons Lungeable.
  • Dryosaurus 50Kg – 200Kg lungeable.
  • Pternodon 50Kg – 150Kg lungeable.
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