Quake Champions – How to Quake

Clear and understandable guide for starting out in Quake Champions.
I’ve played Quake for 18 years.

Menus, Configuration, Binds, Gear etc.

Let’s get started. Quake is not and easy game to get into. You will need dedication and practice.
For that, you need to be comfortable.
Make sure you have the right gear. Quake is one of those games where speed matters a lot. A light mouse which suits you and has a top optical sensor will be good.
For the duration of early access, I’d suggest that you drop all video settings to low at 1080p for maximum fps. This will make the game stutter free and smooth.


This is a very subjective topic, but here’s how to measure your effective DPI.
Your in game sensitivity x your DPI.
If the above value is under 900, you are good to go.

To find the right sensitivity, there are three factors:

  • Able to track moving targets perfectly
  • Able to track stationary target while moving
  • Comfortable 180° flicks

Start off at sensitivity 5 and change by 0.5 more or less until all the above factors are satisfied.
If you are coming from CS, just use your CS sens. Its the same.


This is purely subjective. Stay above 105 and you’re good.


This is because quake is so fast paced, you’d get fragged while switching through each weapo n trying to find the right one.

Bind the three main ones ie Rocket Launcher, Lightning gun and Railgun to easily reachable buttons and learn to use the buttons to select. I personally have mouse4 bound to rocket, Q to railgun and e to LG.
Bind the gauntlet to a key as well. It could be handy. Everything else bind it however you feel comfy.
That’s it, practice and learning the game is up next.

The Basics

Quake Champions right now has 4 game modes, namely Duel(1v1), Deathmatch(DM from now on), Team Deathmatch (TDM from now on) and Sacrifice. In DM and TDM, there is 10 minutes of really fast-paced all out aim-arena action. If you want to stand a chance against veterans that are currently dominating, you need to know some stuff.


There are several in game item pick ups that are essential for survival. There are two types: Weapons, and Utility.


There are three types of weapons available in Quake namely Tracking, Leading and Instant Hit.


These weapons do instant damage and are rapid fire, and usually need following the target with your crosshair.
These are the Lightning Gun[7 DMG per hit, very fast rate, low range], and Machine Gun[8dmg per hit, moderate rate, long range]/Heavy Machine Gun[10 DMG per hit, other stats same as machine gun].


These weapons fire projectiles that need clever crosshair placement to land accurate sprays. These are Tri-Bolt, and Nail Gun/Super Nail Gun.

Instant Hit/Single projectile:

These fire one/one stack of high-damage projectiles or single shot that need accurate placement to be effective. These are the Rocket Launcher[up to 100 DMG per hit, slow-moderate rate, long range], Shotguns[up to 110 damage per hit, sluggish rate, close range] and Rail Gun[80-90 damage per hit, slow rate, long range].


Apart from weapons, there are utility items that are handy as well.

Health/Mega Health:

Normal health pickups are blue crosses and spawn all around the map, and replenish 25 health until max limit of champion. Mega Health usually spawns in a unique location in every map as a blue tall cross, and gives you 100 health ignoring the limit of the champion, but it decreases till it is at the champion’s limit. Mega Health spawns every 30 seconds.

Armor/Big Armor:

Normal armor pickups are green shields, and spawn a couple in each map, and replenish 25 health up to max limit of the champion. Big Armor spawns in a unique location in every map as a big green breastplate. It spawns every 30 seconds, and behaves similar to Mega Health, giving you 100 armor ignoring the limit, but reduces gradually till it reaches the limit.

Quad Damage:

This pickup spawns usually in the middle of every map, and spawns once every two minutes. It quadruples the damage of all your weapons for a short period of time. It doesn’t spawn in Duel game mode.

Written by Berd

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