Quake Champions – Perforated Medals (Farming in Bot TDM)

Increase the chance of telefrag against AI opponents on a specific location.

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Associated achievement:

  • Old Mother Approves – Earn 25 Perforated medals.

Preliminary information:

  • Steam achievements are unlocked via medals acquired from Quick Play, Ranked, and Arcade mode (medals earned in custom games do not count).
  • Telefrag an enemy to acquire a Perforated medal
    (Nyx’s Inside-out medal and Ranger’s Shub Slayer medal do not count).

How to farm:

  • Play on Vale of Pnath.
  • Telefrag.
  • Profit.


Quake Champions - Perforated Medals (Farming in Bot TDM)



The guide is only deemed viable until the developers make any changes to the game, which can potentially make the trick significantly difficult, or impossible to execute in the future. Keep in mind that games in the state of being Early Access are more likely and frequently to be tweaked.

Potential scenarios that the developers can do to make the guide ineffective:

  • Break the game.
  • Remove Bot TDM.
  • Make any changes to the game mechanics.
  • Don’t allow medals or achievements to unlock in Bot TDM.
  • Make any changes to the way medals and achievements work and register.

Side note:

Old Mother Approves achievement is one of the rarest ones, which implies that these telefrag medals are hard to come by, and of course they are. I personally managed to get 18 Perforated medals within 130 hours of normal but rigorous gameplay. However, if you intend to get the medal, it becomes very difficult to anticipate. I got 7 remaining medals to complete the Steam achievement in a relatively short time by following this guide. Therefore, it is the only viable and consistent way to farm the medals with steady and good enough probability.

In addition, be knowledgeable about the fact that the bots’ different skill levels can affect their movements, and accordingly affect your chance of telefrag. For example, when their skill levels are too low, they won’t come as often to pick up the heavy armor near the portals.

If you have a friend to boost with, farming can be done significantly easier and this guide is unnecessary, of course.

Written by Kutar FOX

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