Solasta Crown of the Magister – Crafting Guide (Magic Armors and Weapons Recipes)

The purpose of this guide is to list all the armors and weapons crafting recipes: components, DCs and successes needed along with the final products.

Guide to Crafting

A List of All Armors and Weapons (Requirements and Final Products)

It can be a bit annoying not knowing what the results of a recipe will be.

In order to save you time spent on crafting and precious ingredients, here is a list of what I have found and tested.

Reminder: you need to have a Manacalon Rosary and be proficient with it in order to craft.


  • Armor or Robustness (Primed Armor + Blood Ruby or Mithral Stone / DC 16 / 48h).
    +2 AC.
  • Armor of Sturdiness (Primed Armor + Oil of Acuteness / DC 16 / 48h).
    +1 AC.
  • Breastplate of Deflection (Primed Breastplate + Mithral Stone / DC 16 / 48h).
  • Empress Garb Chain Shirt (Primed Chain Shirt + Slavestone / DC 10 / 24h).
  • Leather Armor of Flame Dancing (Primed Leather Armor + Shard of Fire / DC 16 / 48h).
    +1 AC, Resistance to Fire: damage is halved [need confirmation).
  • Leather Armor of Survival (Primed Leather Armor + Life Stone / DC 16 / 48h).
  • Scale Armor of Frostwalking (Primed Scale Mail + Shard of Ice / DC 16 / 48h).
    +1 AC, Resistance to Cold: damage is halved.


  • Bear’s Claw (Primed Morningstar + Purple Amber / DC 10 / 24h)
  • Black Viper (Primed Rapier + Spider Queen Venom / DC 16 / 48h)
  • Doomblade Weapon (Primed Weapon + Doom Gem / DC 10 / 24h)
    Inflicts Doomblade Cut (save to negate): target takes 1d6 Necrotic damage at the beginning of its turn.
    Recurrent Effect: 1d4 Necrotic damage
  • Dragonblade (Primed Longsword + Shard of Fire / DC 14 / 48h)
    +1 Attack +1d8 Fire [need confirmation]
  • Frostburn Weapon (Primed Weapon + Crystal of Winter / DC 12 / 24h)
    +1 Attack +1d8 Frost
  • Lightbringer Weapon (Primed Weapon + Stardust / DC 15 / 36h)
    +1 Attack +1d8 Radiant
  • Mace of Smashing (Primed Mace + Heartstone / DC 10 / 24h)
    2d6 Bludgeoning
  • Medusa Bow (Primed Shortbow + Medusa Coral / DC 10 / 24h)
  • Morningstar of Power (Primed Morningstar + Blood Ruby / DC 10 / 24h)
  • Punisher Battleaxe (Primed Battleaxe + Slavestone / DC 10 / 24h)
  • Souldrinker Dagger (Primed Shortsword + Soul Gem) / DC 16 / 48h)
    +1 Attack +2d4 Psychic
  • Stormblade Weapon (Primed Weapon + Cloud DIamond / DC 10 / 24h)
    +1 Attack +1d10 Lightning
  • Wardenblade (Primed Longsword + Diamond of Elai / DC 12 / 24h)
    +1 to AC and Attack. Cast Spirit Guardians (1 per dawn).
  • Weapon of Acuteness/Accuracy (Primed Weapon + Oil of Acuteness / DC 10 / 24h)
    +1 Attack and Damage
  • Weapon of Sharpness (Primed Weapon + Blood Ruby / DC 16 / 48h)
    +2 Attack and Damage
  • Whiteburn (Primed Shortsword + Blood of Solasta / DC 15 / 35h)
    +1 Attack +1d6 Acid

(*) Greataxe of Sharpness seems to be an exception as it adds +1d10+2 Lightning [might be a bug being mixed with Stormblade Greataxe though].


  • Blood Ruby [Antiquarians vendor (Brotherhood) + ]
    Armors of Robustness (not all), Weapons of Sharpness and Morningstar of Power
  • Blood of Solasta [The Oracle]
  • Cloud Diamond [Hickory Corner Wood]
    Stormblade Weapons and Stormbows
  • Crystal of Winter [Dark Castle, Maze]
    Frostburn Longsword
  • Diamond of Elai [Tirmarian Ruins]
    Warden Blade
  • Doom Gem
    Doomblade Weapons
  • Heartstone [Dark Castle, Basement Entrance]
    Mace of Smashing
  • Life Gem [Lava Forest, Manacalon Manor]
    Leather Armor of Survival
  • Medusa Coral [Cradle of Fire, Necropolis]
    Medusa Bow
  • Mithral Stone [Lava Forest, Master’s Maze]
    Armors of Robustness (not all) and Breastplate of Deflection
  • Oil of Acuteness [Random drop travel encounter + Caer Lem Outpost + Antiquarians + Dark Castle, Solar Tower(2) + Fortress of the Shield, Locked Room + Caer Cyflen, Residence ]
    Armors of Sturdiness and Weapons of Acuteness/Accuracy
  • Purple Amber [Fortress of the Shield, Locked Room]
    Bear’s Claw
  • Shard of Ice [Antiquarians vendor (Living Legend)]
    Scale Armor of Frostwalking
  • Shard of Fire [Temple of the Lost God, Boss]
    Leather Armor of Flame Dancing and Dragonblade
  • Slavestone [Silent Whisper Outpost]
    Empress Garb Chain Shirt and Punisher Battleaxe
  • Soul Gem [Manacalon Ruins, Library]
  • Spider Queen Venom [Cradle of Fire, Boss]
    Black Viper
  • Stardust [Sorak Relic side quest + ]
    Lightbringer Weapons

(1) you need to fight Aksha to get the Doom Gem (and over very good loot). Even if you succeeded with Diplomacy, trying to loot her stuff will make her and her minions agressive

(2) you will need to defeat Madracht to get access to the Solar Tower with nice loots (permanent +2 WIS book – currently bugged – and 4 crafting recipes: Rapier of Acuteness, Longsword of Acuteness, Half Plate of Sturdiness and Breastplate of Sturdiness). Note that using Diplomacy with Madracht gives you a Sigil Ring of Necromancy (+1 AC and Saves ring + Vampiric Touch 1/day)

Written by Rigolax

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