Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Reference Map (with Street Names, Speed Limits, and Lights)

Are you lost? Are you having trouble guessing what the right speed limit is for a road that doesn’t have it posted? Then this guide’s for you!

The Map

The map shows you street names, speed limits, and lights.

Reference Images

This is an image i compiled for the map icons.

Using the map in the Police Computer (car at the time since i overlooked you had the map on foot) to align the map. Locked districts will be added when they are added to the game.

Getting the signs (and speed limits via radar gun when not posted) for out of bounds areas.

Positioning myself so that the street name is about as perfect as a square as can be. In addition to size. Too small makes it harder to read. Too big requires it to be scaled down.

Checking the road for One Way & a Speed Limit sign (which is lacking on roads with 25).

And this is a basic insight to how the images were gathered to make this map happen. I encourage anyone who can make a realistic map to improve this map and publish their own guide.

Written by SomehowLucky

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