Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – How and When to Detain Vehicles and People

This guide will lead you to detain vehicles and people so that you can also react to random event around you.

Detaining Guide

How to Detain

You may detain a car by:

  • Holding stop sign.
  • Driving cruiser behind it and press R (toggle blip) you don’t have to siren / lights.

Vehicle that you can detain

  • Broken Windshield

  • Expired License Plate

  • Underglow Car (Bottom emitting colored light)

  • Tinted Windows (Black Windows not colored)

Others detainable driving actions

  • Speeding.
  • Ignored stop sign.
  • Suspicious driving behavior.
  • Ignored red light.
  • Not using signal.

What to do on detained vehicles

  • First Request for id and insurance.
  • Check if the person / car details matched the records (Arrest after all the steps in the end).
  • Give them a ticket where applicables.
  • Expired id.
  • Expired / no insurance.
  • Expired plate numbers / underglow lights / broken windshield.
  • Drug test.

You can request for frisk when they show signs of suspicious

  • Looking elsewhere.
  • Anxious.
  • Shaking.

You may search the vehicle / person when:

  • They run.
  • DUI.
  • Smell alcohol / cannabis.
  • Red eyes.
  • Green crumbs on shirt.
  • Carrying weapons when frisked.

After completing all the above steps. Write the proper tickets and make arrest. Verbal warning also give you scores.

People you can detain

You may detain a person whom:

  • Litter.
  • Jaywalking (did not cross road on green / crossroad).
  • Match a description / Wanted.
  • Distributing drugs (Havent implement).
  • Possessing drugs (Havent implement).

What to do on detained people:

  • Check id (Arrest at the end if fake).
  • Ticket for (Littering / Jaywalking).

You may conduct frisk when they show suspicious behavior:

  • Looking elsewhere.
  • Anxious.
  • Shaking.
  • Red eyes.

You may conduct search when:

  • They run.
  • Carrying weapons when frisked.

Arrest only if needed

  • Fake documents.
  • Carrying weapons / over amount drugs.
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