Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Parking Ticket Issuance Guide

Struggling to issue correct parking tickets? I’ll try to assist you here.

Guide to Issue Correct Parking Tickets

All credit goes to obedientinvisible!


The game just today came out, and I decided that since the game is new, why don’t I assist new people with issuing correct parking tickets. This guide will include

  1. Expired Plates
  2. Expired Meters
  3. Special Parking Zones
  4. Sidewalk Parkers
  5. And more!

Now, I can’t control the game if it bugs, however I can help prevent you from losing CP points for a preventable mistake!

Expired Plates

Expired plates are illegal in the state of Franklin, so, you can issue tickets for them. While you can see them driving around when walking or in your cruiser, you can spot parking offenses too! One game the way assists you is by making the tags a different color.

  • 2019 Tags – Bright Pink
  • 2020 Tags- Neon Blue
  • 2021 Tags- Darker Blue

When you see an expired tag, you can issue a ticket the same way you would write an expired meter ticket through the menu.

2020 tags will be more difficult, however, they won’t be extremely hard. Look at the plate (right click), then check the other side of the plate, the other side where the tag is, you will then see the abbreviation for the month. Check the date of your game, and determine if the vehicle in question has an expired plate.

Expired Meters

This is a simple chapter, in most spots of the city, cars are legally obligated to pay for parking, if they are caught still parked when their parking timer runs out, they can be issued a ticket. Look for the red background and white lettering stating “INVALID” and if they show, write them a ticket by interacting with their car.

Sidewalk Parkers

Throught the city of Brighton, there are several illegal sidewalk parkers. Leaving a vehicle on a sidewalk without paying for any sort of parking or not parking in a designated parking zone on the sidewalk is illegal.

Lets look at the right from wrong

This is a correct picture of sidewalk parking, as there is painted lines.

This is a incorrect usage of sidewalk parking, they are randomly parked on the sidewalk within no painted lines. You are obligated to write them a citation and call a tow truck to pick them up.

For those grinding to get SP points, you can write both a parking ticket and tow their vehicle.

Street Cleaning (Otherwise Known As No Parking Zones)

I’ve seen several people make incorrect parking tickets while on duty. These are due to the “Street Cleaning Signs”/ no parking signs spread around everywhere. I’ll show you how these signs work and what they are saying.

First, we see No and Parking, showing that you can park here as long as you are in the allowed timezone. Then it shows the time frame which it will be illegal, and the day of the week. And in small lettering, at the bottom, it says “Street Cleaning”. If you were citing under this code, you were to click special parking zone, and street cleaning.

No Stopping/Tow Zone Sign (Hydrant Parkers)

This sign means that anyone who parks in between these signs, they can be towed.

Also, anyone who does park in-front of a hydrant, can be wrote a citation.

Crosswalk Parkers

People decide they want to park extremely close to the intersection, which is illegal. If they are super close to a intersection, where they are just about on the crosswalk, they can recieve a ticket for parking too close to a crosswalk.

Incorrect Positoning

Both of these drivers can be cited, why? One is on the curb, and once is facing the oppposite direction that they should be facing in. I should be seeing their headlights, I see their tailights.

Another incorrect usage of positioning is when driver’s are WAY too far out in the road, its one thing to be crooked or a tiny bit away from the curb, but when they are 2-3 feet away from the curb, they can be cited.

Handicapped and Taxi’s

I don’t have any pictures for this one, however, you can hopefully see with me.

Some spots on the streets are reserved for Taxi Cabs, and handicapped folks. There is no handicapped placard (yet), however, if you right click and zoom in on their plate, you can see the word “handicapped” (hopefully) at the bottem, stating that they are handicapped. Exact same with the taxi, the bottem of the plate should read taxi. If they are parked incorrectly, driver’s can be cited or towed (i dont think handicapped is a tow violation, but incorrect taxi parking, is).


Now FYI, some of the stuff I may of listed may be incorrect, it’s most likely not, however, it may be wrong, so make sure to do some research if you find yourself unsure. I wanted to make this guide to help new-comers or people who struggle become a better meter maid. I wanted this to better describe (and more simply) tell the offenses than the guide, however, if you want the 100% most accurate infomation, check out your police handbook in game.

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