Stormworks: Build and Rescue – AW189-SW Cockpit Guide

A quick, screenshot-based guide for the cockpit of the AW189-SW:

  • Number in brackets for each display is the button no. (from the left) on the MFD menu (bottom of edge of screen) for that display.
  • ‘2nd tap’ function occurs when the button for that display is tapped while that display is already active (a ‘2nd tap’).

AW189-SW Cockpit Screenshot Guide

(1) Primary Flight Display (PFD), Seat & Remote Hotkeys & Remote Control

2nd tap function: Enable Waypoint heading & distance readouts.

Hover mode & Horizontal velocity indicator engage when below 20kts.

Seat Hotkeys

  • 1. P: cntrl / H: AP
  • 2. P: spdH / H:altH
  • 3. Radio PTT
  • 4. Take/Release SARcam Cntrl
  • 5. Winch Up
  • 6. Winch down

  • P: Press/tap. Press the key briefly for this function
  • H: Hold Press and hold until the function occurs

(2) Engine Display

2nd tap function: Swap fuel % reads to time.

  • NG, IT & TH metres: Metres bars will rise up each side of the scale in them middle.
  • NR metre: Metre bar will rise up right side.

(3) Electrical Display

  • GREEN: Powered on
  • DARK GREEN: Has power but disconnected (batteries only)
  • WHITE: Powered off

(4) Navigation & Radar Display

(5) Body Camera Views

2nd tap function: Cycle cameras.

  • 1. Tail camer
  • 2. Belly Camera
  • 3. FLIR

(6) SkyBlaze Search System

(7) Empty Module

An empty module for the installation of additional systems.

Osprey Beacon Locator


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