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Omori - How to Escape White Space

Written by goldberry   /   Updated: July 26, 2021    

Believe it or not, you can actually open the door to escape White Space. There's a wide variety of extra content outside of doing nothing in White Space.

Escaping White Space

Step One

Align Omori in the position shown in the picture.

Step Two

Hold down on your keyboard or controller until you find a knife.

Step Three

Interact with the knife to pick it up and go back to the main area (the place with the cat), then interact with the door. Normally, the game would only present you with the option to do nothing. Instead, open the door.

You Did It

You escaped White Space!

From there, you can meet new characters like "Aubrey", "Kel", and "Hero".

This secret was very difficult to find and took hours of my time to discover.

Written by goldberry.

Game:   Omori