Satisfactory – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Satisfactory game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

There are crashed ships scattered around the map. Not only can these have goodies scattered around them to gather, but if you can open the pod (may require supplying the pod with x or more MW of electricity and/or giving the pod some amount of a specific item) there’s a hard drive inside. Researching these HDDs in the MAM (the research thing; the game will explain this) gives you alternate (machine-only) crafting recipes. Some of these alternate recipes are incredibly advantageous and you’ll want to prioritize getting them.

  • Dying makes you drop your inventory but it gets a beacon. Berries and nuts can regrow if you don’t cut them down but I don’t know if mushrooms do.
  • If exploring for crash sites and such is annoying or planning build chains Satisfactory Calculator has some good tools.
  • Digging up new materials by hand sometimes lets you research them. Sometimes it’ll be locked behind normal progress.
  • Resource nodes are inexhaustible.
  • The four “difficulties” aren’t different planets/maps, they are different starting locations on one enormous map.
  • Don’t burn yourself out re-engineering things you’ve already made. As you progress and get new parts you’ll be tempted to revisit your factories, but especially early on, it’s better to just add on to existing assembly lines or just find new nodes. The map is huge and you won’t be hurting for space.
  • Speaking for myself, there’s a tendency with games like this to perfect things, make everything perfectly straight and aligned, etc. but given the freedom of dimensionality here, it’s very difficult and usually not worth the time striving for perfection.
  • On that topic, don’t try to perfect your wiring setup, just plop down more and more poles. Only connect 2 buildings to each one–this leaves you 1 slot for an incoming wire, and 1 slot for an outgoing wire.
  • Don’t worry about doing some rearranging though as you get full resource returns on dismantled buildings.
  • Conveyors will still work over long distances. I didn’t feel like messing with the truck programing so I made a long conveyor from a fuel site back to my starting base that functioned just fine.
  • If you carry the right things you can a) make and break crafting benches whereever, b) Use conveyorbelts instead of ramps and walkways to traverse when exploring.
  • Mining uranium doesn’t make it not radioactive. I have had multiple friends end up in a death loop because they killed themselves mining some uranium, ran up to loot their corpse, and died to the uranium in their inventory. Just don’t touch uranium if you don’t have the means to handle the radiation.

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