Satisfactory – Beginners Tips

This is a list of some interesting stuff i have picked up on this guide is mainly for beginners and is to be taken with a grain of salt as i have not advanced to far this guide is meant for beginners at the top and as you advance move down the guide.

Tips for Newbies

Power Is a Measurement of Progress

Like humanity your base is heavily based on power if you have unlimited power you can make whatever you want without to much restraint i would recommend coal power early off i found a pure coal vein and it can power 6 generators and still have plenty spare and try to keep every thing on a single grid or things can get messy.

Cost Management

When starting off all these new resources can seem daunting and getting your conveyors can seem like its endgame but there is a lot you can do to save some change if you really need to save some resources you can sell most supports whilst still keeping your resource line up EG. sell conveyor supports also to save on resources you can sell stuff on the awesome shop to buy other stuff i used a few of my points on biofuel however the points get harder to get the more you get so be careful.

Organisation Is Key

Do not make my mistake and make a messy base chances are where you start is where you stay so make sure to keep everything neat and organised remember you can always make a warehouse or facility if you need more space.

Navigation and Exploration

Exploration might seem like i cool idea but there is a lot of stuff to learn before you go out first i would recommend getting some food it might not seem to important but think like a squirrel and youll be fine second if you need to traverse a cliff the conveyor splitter/merger can be placed basicly anywhere you want and a conveyor can also be attached to it to climb up or across cliffs and remember your compass and look for landmarks also a word of advice avoid fighting if something comes at you you can avoid it by jumping over trees and logs to slow it down and eventually stop it.

The Space Elevator Is Not to Important

I would recommend getting the first tier of the space elevator and leave it for a while the 3rd and 4th tier is important but the 5th and 6th tiers are much more late game also this is how you unlock the coal powered engine.


  1. Sprint hopping this is a method i made and it involves sprinting then sliding and straight after you begin to slide jump then slide when you land jump repeat.
  2. Those giant walkers are useless dont kill them they just give you a single carapace and these carapaces are useless besides for biofuel and are not worth your time.
  3. On the subject of giant creatures they can be jumped on and they make your character bounce up and down when stepped on.
  4. When you are trying to place a conveyor when when you first left click you can look up to increase its height.
  5. When you place conveyors the supports are automaticly placed similar to how power poles are automaticly placed.
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