Cuphead – How to Beat Ribby and Croaks

The Ribby and croak boss fight is made up of 3 different, and challenging phases.

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Phase #1

Cuphead - How to Beat Ribby and Croaks

Ribby throws flaming punches and Croak shoots out insects on fire. There is actually an easier way to counter this than you might think.

  • When Ribby starts to shoot punches at you, go to the far left corner and crouch. Make sure that you also jump over the low punches, but crouching makes it easier so that you don’t have to jump over all 3. Use the “Peashooter” weapon when fighting Ribby here.
  • Croak is a little bit easier. He starts to spit out insects that are on fire at you, have the “Spread” weapon equipped for this. By simply aiming upwards and at the frogs (by holding C) you should be able to take out the insects and end the first phase of the frogs depending on how much DPS you got on them. 

Phase #2

Cuphead - How to Beat Ribby and Croaks

Ribby starts throwing discs at you while Croak blows you towards him.

  • For this phase, I would recomend using the “Peashooter” the entire time but you can use any other weapon you a comfortable with. The Peashooter was just the most effective for me.
  • As Ribby starts to throw discs at you, hold down the shoot button and move left to right and right to left dodging the discs. Soon enough, the frogs should prepare for phase 3. This phase can be quickly finished if you can dodge the discs quick enough. 

Phase #3

Cuphead - How to Beat Ribby and Croaks

Ribby and Croak combine, forming a giant slot machine. This is the most challenging phase, so get ready.

  • Whatever weapon you decide to use, make sure it does medium damage and has a medium-long range.
  • As Ribby and Croak throw coins at you, dodge them and double jump onto the crank. 
  • Once you have activated the slot machine, 1 of 3 differnet obstacles will appear. Green pillars, Orange pillars, or red Pillars.
  • Green pillars are the easiest in my opinion, just jump from one to the other spamming shots at the machine.
  • Orange pillars are a bit more challenging, dont just focus on shooting, but more on the pillars. Time each one and jump through it at the pace you feel is the safest. 
  • Red pillars are somewhere in the middle when it comes to challenging in my opinion. They will shoot lightning out of one end which you are able to see about 2-3 seconds before it zaps you. Obviously, get to the end which the lightning is NOT on.
  • After about 2-3 phases (maybe 4 depending on DPS) you will have beaten the boss. Good job! And good luck on future bosses.
Written by Kappa

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