Cuphead – 100% Full Achievement Guide + Golden Skin (The Delicious Last Course DLC)

In this guide I will explain how to get all the new DLC achievements + how to get the secret Golden Skin for Ms. Chalice.

How to Obtain All DLC Achievements and Golden Skin

Alive and Kicking

  • Not much to say, just defeat a boss as Ms. Chalice

The Latest Sensation

  • Defeat a boss with one of Porkrind’s new weapons

I you didnt get this achievement while completing the game I recommend using the weapon “Crackshot” for this since this weapon has good damage and auto aim.


  • Defeat all of the King of Games’ Champions

For me it didnt take a lot of time. I think the hardest one was the horse

A Vacation in the Wilds

  • Defeat every DLC boss except Chef Saltbaker

Compliments to the Chef

  • Defeat every DLC boss including Chef Saltbaker

The Golden Touch

  • Defeat a boss with one of Ms. Chalice’s Super Arts

I wouldnt recommend using the second Super since it does not deal damage

The High Hat

  • Defeat a boss on Inkwell Isle IV without killing any of its minions

I recommend fighting Mortimer Freeze for this one since he has minions but not too many of them.

I couldnt try it out but it probably doesnt work on bosses without minions


  • Have 9 HP at one time

The only way to do this is by equipping the Heart Ring and going to the Casino.


I recommend resetting until the first 1 UP is on the first boss.

Kill one of the alcohol boss and let the other 2 live. Dont kill them yet. What you wanna do is perry the eyeball attacks until you gain 3 HP UPs. After that finish off the boss and get the other 2 HP ups by using the Dice.


  • Obtain an A-Rank or Higher on all DLC boss

Cooked to Perfection

  • Get an S rank on a DLC boss

I recommend going for Moonshine Mob for this one

A King’s Admiration

  • Beat the King’s Gauntlet challenge

You can select the King’s Gauntlet after you beat all the other bosses.

In this challenge you must complete all the other challenges without dying. If you die at any boss you have to start over the whole thing! Your HP refills at the start of every new boss tho


  • Defeat 10 bosses with Ms. Chalice

A Horrible Night To Have a Curse

  • Defeat the Secret Boss

This one is a little complicated. First you need to buy the Broken Relic. A Ghost should appear at the Graveyard if you have the Relic. At the graveyard you should be able to interact with all of the tombstones except for the middle one. The Contestants next to the shop will give you the answer. They say different things for everyone but they will mention some directions. For example the first contestant said to me: “As a winner, I never gave up! Left ’em looking foolish!” This means I have to go up from the middle tombstone and then left. You must press the first contestants tombstone first, then the second and the third or else it wont work. You also have to always start from the middle tombstone! If you did everything right you can now fight the Secret Boss


  • You must defeat all the DLC boss with the Cursed Relic equipped

From what I know this is the solution for this achievement. You will get the Cursed Relic after you beat the Secret Boss. The Cursed Relic will make the game even more harder. You start every fight with 1 HP, weapons are random and frequently change mid fight and Parries dont charge EX meter. You do get 1 HP if you hit 3 parries tho

Secret Golden Skin for Ms. Chalice

Not an achievement but if you defeat all bosses (including King Dice and the Devil) with Ms. Chalice and after that talk to the Cactus girl in the DLC island you will get a Golden Skin for Ms. Chalice. You can equip it in the settings.

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