American Truck Simulator – All Skills Explained

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American Truck Simulator features an experience point (XP) and levelling system, which allows your character to develop and improve skills as you progress through the game, by complete deliveries, in order to unlock new abilities and cargoes. Most of the skills allow you to unlock more lucrative job offers. You can spend a new skill point after the player reaches a new level. The skills you can gain and improve are listed below.

Hazardous Materials Skill Tree

Allows you to carry dangerous goods. The skill is divided into 6 classes and 3 of them consist of sub-classes. They are all unlocked at once by obtaining the global class.

Long Distance Skill Tree

Determines the maximum distance you can travel on duty. Initially, you are offered jobs with distances limited to 250 km (155 mi). Longer distances grant the player a wider choice of missions, as well as additional compensation and experience that increases with job distance.

High-Value Cargo Skill Tree

All cargo is valuable but some loads are more worthwhile than others. The High-Value Cargo skill grants you access to new types of cargo which can be very profitable, including diggers, cars, yachts etc.

Fragile Cargo Skill Tree

The Fragile Cargo skill allows you to transport delicate cargoes, such as glass, electronics, or delicate machinery.

Just-In-Time Delivery Skill Tree

Sometimes companies need to deliver something important quickly, so they call for a Just-in-Time job. Such work puts more stress on the driver, the delivery window is tighter, but the compensation eases your level of discomfort.

Just-In-Time deliveries are broken down to two categories: Important deliveries which do not cut the estimated time of arrival (ETA) too much but do not give as much reward, and urgent deliveries which have a short ETA but give more experience.

Eco-Driving Skill Tree

Improved Eco-Driving will help you minimise your fuel consumption. This skill decreases fuel consumption allowing you to save money and time by not having to refuel often.

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