Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Optimised Act 4 Path

How to get invited by Nocticula to get mythic Rank 6 as fast as possible in Act 4.


  1. When you arrive in explore the initial mines to get the 2 portal stones.
  2. Talk to Inheribro to get to Alushinyrra.
  3. Move trough the city and get to the bad luck tavern, talk to the barman and give him 500g to get info and a gold coin that lets you teleport back there, this will come in handy.
  4. Move to the west side of the map where you can go to middle city, intimidate the guards to let you pass.
  5. In the middle city, go to the flesh markets in the center of middle city, you want to kill everyone here and free the slaves, start by talking the merchants on the edges of the markets and kill them one by one, leave the big ball guy for last in the middle. Doing this gets you another gold coin that lets you teleport back here.
  6. Move east across the bridge and then north to meet Latverk and start his quest,
  7. Try to enter the harem of Ardent dreams, guards will try to stop you, kill them and enter.
  8. Talk to Shamira and ask for her patronage, she will give you a quest and another gold coin to teleport back here. DO NOT show her the purple knife.
  9. Use the portal next to the Harem of Ardent dreams to teleport back to bad luck tavern and talk to Red Mask to advance Latverk’s quest.
  10. Leave bad luck tavern, you gotta talk to beggars now until you get a chance to get info on Ziforian.
  11. Once you talk to the leader of the beggars he will point you to battlebliss arena. Its in the north west corner of the lower city.
  12. On the way there you should pass by Minhago’s hideout in the south west corner of lower city, you can pop in and finish her off on the way.
  13. Ziforian is right next to the portal outside battlebliss arena. Talk to him.
  14. Enter battlebliss arena, talk to Zeklex and start the first fight. You will get a gold coin to teleport to battlebliss.
  15. After the fight he will send you to buy slaves at the flesh markets, well good thing we killed everyone there and freed or killed all the slaves, you can tell him there are no slaves for sale.
  16. Do the 2nd arena fight, then talk to Zeklex to start the next quest, he wants you to go hire some hookers at 10 thousand delights. Get him to give you the money in advance.
  17. Use the portal to get back to the flesh markets, then climb back to the west side of town.
  18. Move north to get to the 10 thousand delights.
  19. Inside the whorehouse, talk to Chivarro to advance the quest and give her the money, you need to go get the hookers at the Palace of incest and degeneracy in upper city.
  20. Behind Chivarro is a door you can click to get to the upper city.
  21. In the upper city move south to the Rapture of Rupture. Ask Vellexia for patronage to start her quest.
  22. Back outside move north then north east to get to the Palace of incest and degeneracy, hire the hookers inside, don’t give them money since you already paid Chivarro.
  23. Move east now to get to mage’s tower. Climb up to the top to talk to Storyteller and advance Shamira’s quest.
  24. Back outside, go to the portal at the center of upper city and teleport to the Nexus.
  25. Go inside the mines to find a secret tunnel to advance Storyteller’s and Shamira’s quest, loot the crystal at the end.
  26. Teleport to battlebliss and go inside to advance Vellexia’s quest. Note for Vellexia, you generally want to pick a different alignment focused answers on every date if you want to complete the quest to the end. So for example you could pick Good answers on the first date, Lawful on the second, and either chaotic or evil on the third.
  27. Then talk to Zeklex to advance his quest and do the next fight.
  28. After the fight you get captured, loot everything, talk to Antselm to get him to help you in the fight, and talk to the hookers and ask them to wear down the champion, then talk to Zeklex to start the last fight.
  29. Teleport to Terrace of favored mistresses and go back to the mage tower to show the crystal to Storyteller.
  30. Head back out and to the portal, teleport to Harem of Ardent dreams.
  31. Head north into the Aasimar’s house to Latverk to finish his quest.
  32. Head into the harem of Ardent dreams to advance Vellexia’s quest.
  33. Get back out and get right back in again to be able to talk to Shamira to finish her quest, do not show her the purple knife and do not give her any info if you can avoid it.
  34. Get outside and use the portal to go to Terrace of favored mistresses and then to Rapture or rupture to finish Vellexia’s quest.
  35. After you finish her quest you get her really good amulet and you also get the option to attack and kill her.
  36. After the fight Nocticula should appear and invite you to her place, you can now go get mythic rank 6 to clean up the rest of ACT 4.

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