Dead Space – Guide to Fix Controller Dead Zone (Steam Only)

How to fix the dead zone on Xbox controllers for Dead Space.

How to Fix


  • Make sure Steam will recognize your controller so from the Steam home page go to settings, then controller and then general controller settings and click the box by the one you have (might need to restart).
  • Start the game and then hit shift/tab to get to Steam Overlay.
  • Go to controller configuration on the top right.
  • Click on the setting box for the right stick, then click additional settings.
  • Drag the slider for Output Anti-Deadzone to about half way across.

  • Do the same for the left stick.
  • Have fun not playing with crappy controls.

Also there’s some community configurations available to check out if you click “Browse Configs” at the bottom that might work better. And for other controller types.

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