Encased – Achievement Guide

Guide about all achievement you can get in Encased.

General Information

It is very likely the game will get more achievements as the development of the early access continues.

There are no regular achievement popups in the game so you won’t see if any unlocked. Also, achievement timestamps will have that time when you quit the game, not when you earned it. It is pretty uncommon that it works like that for expensive / quality games, it happens usually with a few cheap games where the developers not exactly know how to code/implement achievements properly.

Like a Cockroach

Get killed by the elevator.

Encased - Achievement Guide

Right at the beginning of the game use the ladder which shown on the screenshot. Climb down several times and when the elevator start moving down select the option which tells you to not do anything.


Kill somebody the first time.

Your first kill will be at the very beginning of the game. When the game starts just leave the elevator and you will meet a technician. I believe the fight isn’t avoidable but even if it does this achievement will unlock sooner or later anyway.

True Survival Simulator

Use the toilet.

Encased - Achievement Guide

Once fixed the elevator you will reach the floor1 of the starter building. Do your registration and move to the restroom and there use one of the toilets. Easy:-)

Please keep in mind that this is the first possible location for the achievement. There are other toilets and restrooms at other locations too.

Wrong Turn

Get behind the wheel of someone else’s car, cause a crash and die. And all this – without leaving Magellan.

Encased - Achievement Guide

On level-2 of the starter building, you can find the car on this picture.

  • Use car door and get in.
  • Start the engine.
  • Shift into gear, step on to gas…
  • Drive away confidently.
  • Rely on your dexterity…
  • Enjoy the end picture and the unlocked achievement.

Work Now, Work Later

Send the Oranges to work after they robbed the warehouse.

Encased - Achievement Guide

On level-2 when reaching this door interact with the door but eavesdrop first. Don’t send them back to work right away.

I believe for this achievement needs to pass some skill test so you can join them / help them with the robbery (at least while playing as the black wing member) so not earned it yet, will update part once done it.

Persuasion 2 was required, which require brain stats 6, and from the skills, at speech skills conviction 1 and persuasion 2 developed, which need the speech skills to be on 40.

Wake Up!

Fail the main quest by skipping time.

By opening your quest tab you can see that your starter main quest has a timer

Encased - Achievement Guide

Now click on the timer button and wait until that quest expires:

Encased - Achievement Guide

Once it expired you will land in jail and after some text panels another the end screen shows up and the achievement is unlocked.

Cursed Bunker

Collect all possible endings at the Magellan station.

This achievement unlocked for me when earned the Wake Up! achievement.

It is not 100% sure, but I believe this achievement unlocks when you had all 3 the end achievements:

  • Wake Up!
  • Wrong Turn
  • Like a cockroach

Double Play

While completing A Case for Skinny and Nimble quest, work both for Oranges as well as for Blacks.

Marie and Pierre

Get the radiation disease on the lab floor.

There are 3 levels of radiation sickness. First awarded on 100/1k, second on 250/1k and the third on 500/1k radiation. You get some damage every few seconds if you reach the 2nd or 3rd.

Touching the relics inside the relic zone in the middle of the laboratory level gives you +4 radiation every time. Unfortunately, this not unlock the achievement, with many medpacks I reached 1k/1k with this method and there was no achievement.

Right now I think this achievement is tied to the quest where you need to smuggle out some artifact from the laboratory for the request of 2 scientists as they mention both Marie and Pierre Currie in their conversation but I have not managed how to disable the decontamination chamber so can’t finish the quest yet.

Finished the said quest, it wasn’t leading to any radiation, I have a feeling this achievement is currently bugged and was planned to get it via touching the crystals or getting radiation there.

Finish 3 quests for each wings

These achievements are:

Law and Order

Solve three tasks for the Black Wing.

And Yet It Moves

Solve three quests for the White Wing.

Quest probably count for this achievement:

Forefathers Door

On lvl3 is the elevator which brings you to the training area. A white wing member there, in front of a door mechanism and request your help for opening the door. The door requires 3 relics to be opened. One is given to you by the white wing NPC which is standing in front of the door. Another piece is under the stairs which lead to the control room of the training area. It is revealed based on a perception check while you close to it. For the third one, you need to use the drill in the same area. You need to refill the generator with fuel (you can find fuel in some storage at the control room) and then use the drill.

Inventory Control

This quest is on lvl2, in front of the warehouse, but it is available only once you went through your scanner tutorial quest on lvl4. The quest is simple, just scan all 6 relic box, use the note on the table to add the information about the relics and speak with the NPC again.

Science first

On lvl4 2 scientists talking about smuggling out a relic. You need to turn off the decontainment chamber. The panel to turn it off located on the wall, outside of the lab area. When arrived to lvl4 just turn towards the long corridor and it is on the middle of the wall.

Fixing a robotic girl

This isn’t a quest, just a task where you can help on level 5:

Encased - Achievement Guide

By having the engineering ability (tech skill tree) you can help with the repairs IF you have an engineering repair kit (don’t remember where I found it, will update on my next playthrough). This one is a bit bugged. If you click on the white wing member you can’t progress on the quest when selecting that you are an engineer, but it is finishable if you start the conversation by clicking on the case/box which next to the engineer.

Silver Spoon

Solve three tasks for the Silver Wing.

Quest probably count for this achievement:

Against all protocol:

On level 1 there is a silver wing member, Monty James, sitting at the middle of the area. You just need to go to a terminal and register him and then report back to him. (doable with black wing and silver wing char for sure without stat requirements, unsure about others char types).

Domestic Matters

  • LVL5, accommodations, talk with the receptionist who giving you some tasks.
  • Room 4 door jammed, you can open it with basic lockpicking skill.
  • Room 7 TV set is broken. You can fix it with Tech 10 skill.
  • A gold watch was stolen from Room 1. Help Indra Kapoor with the “Hit the key and all is gone” quest on level 1 then ask him with helping to find the stolen watch. He will agree if the quest was finished. Now wait some hours, talk with Indra again and he gill you the stolen watch and inform you that the thief was imprisoned.

Know Your Way Around

Solve three tasks for the Orange Wing.

Hands of Gold

Solve three tasks for the Blue Wing.

Finish 3 tasks / quests for each of the wing. It is not too hard but you need to do these quests at Magellan, before leaving the station. It is possible that you can’t do all of these in a single playthrough as you need to finish quests in favor of some etc.

Additionally, the 3 quests for orange and black wing might be bugged, I finished 3 for each wing and still not got the achievement.

During my replay, I try to add quests names, where to find it and some details to each of the achievement.

I am nearly sure that these achievements will be trivial after next updates, once more content available.

It’s Just the Beginning

Leave Magellan.

Once you finished your starter main story timed quest you will be sent to the main administrator which will send you to a site outside of Magellan. A vehicle waiting for you on level-2. Once leaving with that truck the achievement will unlock.

Please note game says side quest will fail once you leave, so you might want to finish some tasks there, I don’t know if you can later return to Magellan, pick up those quests again or not.

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  1. As for the, “For the Sake of Science” – Marie and Pierre – side quest… if you walk out of the decontamination room there is a Control Panel on the right side. You can either use your tech skills or tinker with is until the diffusers are shut off. 🙂

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