DELTARUNE – Definitive Cyber Field Guide (World & Background)

Cyber Field is an area within the Library Dark World, specifically, it is the first area encountered by Kris in this Dark World.

Guide to Cyber Field Area

Main Story

Chapter 2

Kris and Susie, after not being able to find their study partners in the Library, decided to go play computer games. However, when opening the door to the computer room, they instead find another portal inside. Susie suggests it’s yet another Dark World, before immediately jumping into it. Becoming their Dark selves again upon entering, Susie and Kris travel not too far before being met with Q5U4EX7YY2E9N, also known as Queen. She shows the Lightners that she has captured Noelle, and says she’ll proceed to make Noelle one of her peons, before turning some of the Darkners into Werewires. After defeating the Werewires, Susie and Kris were met with more of them, but they were quickly pacified by Ralsei. He explains that he felt there was a new Dark Fountain that erupted and decided to come to seal it. The trio then began to progress through the Cyber Field.

After going through the Cyber Field for a while, they met with the Queen again, with Noelle still in her cage. Queen offers Noelle to join her willingly by asking her to sign an agreement with her. Noelle was too scared to comply, and Susie mentions that Queen will roboticize her face. This made Queen go off on her deal with Noelle and send her away while summoning an arcade machine which was designed to lower self esteem in order to destroy the lightners will and become minions. Susie suggested that Kris should play because Kris is good with video games so Kris went up to play against Queen. Kris couldn’t reach the controls which caused the Queen to laugh and brag about the success of the arcade machine which destroys all self esteem. Ralsei then said to Kris that he learned a form from Lancer and used Stoole Forme R. Susie later joined in with her own forme Power Beast Forme X and crushed Ralsei and played a fighting game on the arcade against Queen.

If the lightners win, the machine explodes and Queen will applaud that they are different from normal lifeforms and offers the Lightners to become soldiers for her. They refuse, and Queen goes away leading to the heroes to further explore the area.

Later on the lightners encounter a puzzle where Kris has to walk on keyboard keys to type the word on the screen in order to get past a puzzle. In one of those puzzles, Kris had to type AGREE2ALL for the puzzle which inadvertedly signs an agreement to the Queen to become on of her minions technically making the lightners now peons for Queen. Susie then says to Queen what if they just don’t follow orders of the Queen. Queen replies saying that she would find other people to become peons. Susie then says to her that she better find them fast before the Queen stops the call.

If the Lightners meet the hacker, they are told to find three blue checkmarks in order for the hacker to be recruited into the town. If they find the blue checkmarks, the hacker becomes recruited in the town and launches fireworks in the distance.

After going through near the end of Cyber Field, the lightners meets up with the rebels known as Sweet, Cap’n and K_K who are against Queen’s rule. However they mistaken the lightners as working with Queen. The band then grooves and dances and the lightners try to escape while the rebels ramble and debate on what they should do with the lightners however the band notices them trying to escape and tries to fight them.

If the player keeps using Dance or DanceX, Susie then starts wanting to dance herself but Ralsei said to Susie that they need Kris to ACT because that’s their special ability. Susie then argues that she’s not stupid to not know how to ACT and start dancing herself without Kris using ACT while also learning the ability S-Action which allows Susie to use ACT as well. After Susie starts bumping into Ralsei, Ralsei unwillingly learned R-Action which allowed Ralsei to ACT.

If all the lightners start dancing, the rebels then dance with all the lightners and having a little bit of a dance party before stating that they totally beat them with their dance moves and now the lightners are on the good side. Now trusting the lightners, the rebels tell the heroes that they can meet them in the Junk Shop before jumping on a floating DJ and flying off.

Afterwards Sweet Cap’n Cakes|Sweet, Cap’n, and K_K can sometimes be seen jamming along with the lightners in their flying DJ before flying off.

In the Junk Shop it’s revealed that Sweet Cap’n Cakes|Sweet, Cap’n, and K_K rebelled against Queen’s rule due to the Queen banning all forms of music except for the ones she likes which were like reverse rap which’s basically praising the Queen and also noise music. It’s also revealed that Queen used to be nice but got brainwashed by the Knight just like Spade King and became evil.

After opening the way to the City, the heroes go through a tunnel that leads to the Cyber City|City which in turn puts the heroes on a roller coaster. The Queen tries to capture the lightners by dropping cages on them but she misses, which according to her was just a “tactical calibration”. Susie asks if the Queen has more cages to which the Queen replies there were only four, but the Queen had a plot twist and brought Noelle who was now a peon of the Queen. However Noelle just talked with the heroes which made the Queen bring in another peon who was the class nerd Berdly. Berdly said he shared the same dream with the Queen to take over the world where the smarts rule with Noelle, Berdly, and the Queen in charge calling themselves the “Light-nerds”, a term coined by Queen. Ralsei then warns Berdly that Queen is just manipulating Berdly but Berdly commented that Queen warned Berdly that the lightners would say that. Then the fight proceeds on bumper cars. During the fight Berdly comment that Kris instead of studying they sent Susie to take him down. Berdly then tells Kris that they have potential to become a smart student and that if Kris joins him, he would at least be able to clean the royal toilet.

If the player keeps bumping Berdly’s bumper car, Berdly’s bumper car will start emitting smoke but Berdly’s says that the smoke is smart smoke and actually makes the bumper car more powered up. Berdly then says that he will show that bumper car is an intelligence game not a physical game before dishing his last attack. After another bump, Berdly’s bumper car explodes and the Queen says that she will save Berdly in a minute. Then Queen says that the roller coaster isn’t finished yet causing the heroes to plummet but saved by trash bags down below.


Junk Shop

Also known as the rebels’ base, this is where Sweet Cap’n Cakes can be seen after the fight. Going into the shop, you can buy and sell items with the band, as well as trade info with them.

Roller Coaster

At the end of Cyber Field there’s a roller coaster that leads to the city. The lightners are placed on the roller coaster in bumper cars where they meet the Queen for the third time. This is also the place where the first encounter of Berdly in the Dark World takes place and the first fight. After defeating Berdly, Queen informs the party that roller coaster hasn’t finished construction and the heroes derail off the track and plummet onto trash bags in Cyber City.

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