Don’t Starve Together – How to Play: Webber

A guide with several tips & tricks about how you can survive your first days with everybody’s favorite spider-boy!

Unlocking Webber

Here are three simple steps on how to unlock Webber. Note that he can only be played in RoG while playing Don’t Starve, and keep in mind that he is not unlocked by gaining XP.

  • You will want to find a spider nest, preferably a tier one spider nest but all 3 tiers are compatible. 
  • Kill as many spiders as possible until you aquire “Webber’s Skull.” This item has a 5% drop rate from any type of spider.
  • Locate your graveyard (or a single grave) and dig it up with a shovel. Then, you can place Webber’s skull inside and it will show a short animation of him being ressurected as 6 spiders brutally attack you. Note: You do not need to kill these spiders to unlock Webber.

Starting Off

When you first spawn in your new world as Webber, it’s best to do just as you would with any other character. Meaning: Collect basic resources (rocks, flint, gold, twigs, grass, logs, food) and trace the outline of your map. Do this until you’ve found all basic needs such as Beefalo, a forest with many spiders, and a pig town (optional). If you can find a pine forest somewhat close to a savannah with Beefalo, that is a great place to set up a base. Try to find a particular area in the forest with alot of spider nests, and plant your own that you start off with in that general area. Now it should be around day 7-8 and time to start your first spider war.

Spider War

Starting a spider war is very simple and is a great way to collect buttloads of silk and spider glands, as well as a reliable food source. To start a spider war, you will need the following:

  • At least 1 monster meat (you should have 2 from the start)
  • An area with at least 1 spider nest

Feed one or more spider a monster meat.

Find a spider that you haven’t befriended yet, and press F (or your selected attack button) to attack it. However, as soon as you click it, move away so that it doesn’t hit it (which will make it aggro you) and instead causes your spiders to go to town on him.

Hold down space (or your selected interact button) and collect your spoils. Keep in mind that some spiders will eat the monster meat before you can collect it, but they do not eat silk or glands. A very helpful mod for this is Pick Meat First.

Don't Starve Together - How to Play: Webber


After your spider war, you should have a nice amount of meat, glands, and silk. You can use your silk to upgrade spider nests by clicking on the nests with them. By now, it should be around day 8 or 9. A nice time to get crockpots and such. When the hounds come, you can lead them to your Beefalo and they’ll take care of business.

You’re on Your Own, Kid

Quite frankly, Webber plays alot like all other characters other than the fact that normally passive mods are hostile towards him. As the days go on, you could hammer down the pig town to trade with the king, or aquire the spider hat, or anything, the world is your canvas. You’ve got a great food supply and an army with the strength of a thousand spiders. Go show em’ who’s boss!

Written by Drunken

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