GTA 5 – Idle Without Getting Kicked

How to Idle…

  • Go to your TV (CEO Building, Appartment, Yacht etc.)

GTA 5 - Idle Without Getting Kicked

  • Take a seat nearby (pressing “E” at the couch). 

GTA 5 - Idle Without Getting Kicked

  • Wait for the “sitting down-animation” to end. 
  • Press “E” for “watch TV”.

GTA 5 - Idle Without Getting Kicked

  • Enjoy beeing AFK for an eternity. 

GTA 5 - Idle Without Getting Kicked

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  1. Using that trick all the time. Very usefull when you want to fill up your bunker or any MC business without risking getting kicked out.

  2. If you don’t have these you can just stack quarters on top of two dimes on your W key and make you walk forward forever.

  3. thank u im in bunker and im about to go get a snack and i was about to turn on a autoclicker so the game though i was here but i dont need to do that thanks

  4. use interaction menu (M) and from there put something heavy on the up arrow key, then you can leave and do whatever you want, WHEREVER you want. you don’t have to go to your apartment.

  5. 1. keep something to Hold down q for radio in car wont get kicked 2. hold down alt for character selection. wont get kicked

  6. Well im turning on passive mode, getting in a car and put something heavy like bottle of water on my keys and the game doesnt kick me

  7. This is good solution for those who need to get idle but do something else on their pc. Just make sure you put game in borderless windowed mode. Some people say going into los santos customs or watching telescope or go on business pc works too but i tried each and got kicked. This one only didn’t got me kicked.

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