Kenshi – Skeleton Empire Start

This guide will explain how to make a really easy start, or what i originally did as a cosplay build.

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The Path

This is a quick way to get 7 Skeletons together, and get their Athletic skill up.

Firstly you want to chose The Freedom Seekers as a starter to get 5 starting characters and make them all Skeletons. Then you will start in one of these two WayStations.

Kenshi - Skeleton Empire Start
Kenshi - Skeleton Empire Start

Firstly youll want to head into the Deadlands bound for The Black Desert City. Here you’ll find the best your first Unique Recruit Skeleton Sadneil, he will be in the bar and join you for free.

Now you want to head to the Reprogramming Workshop, as seen above. You want to break down the door, inside youll meet a small army of Skeletons known as the Broken Ones. The first character they see they will lable their master and attack anything they see that isnt part of your team. The Broken Ones are a great tool for long travel in the start of the game. Its a good strat to pick them up when ever near if you’re not a strong fighter. By the time you reach what ever city you want to work near they should all be dead, and if not the guards will finish them off.

Next you’ll head through: Iron Valleys, into Skinner’s Roam, Okran’s Pride, swim through Wend (in which you’ll find Skeleton that you cannot hire), than end up in the Floodlands.

In the Floodlands you’ll head for Burns Tower. Where you’ll find the only other Unique Skeleton i know of. He will also join you for free.

Now is the hard part. At this stage even if you still have the entire Broken army, they will do little more than slow down the enemys you come into contact with, so stay aware of your surrounding. you now have to head due east right through Cannable and Holy Empire territory. (Holy Empire hates none humans) You want to make your way to Stoat than start the game as normal. By the time you reach Stoat most of your characters should have a higher STG and higher speed from all the running with backpacks.

Kenshi - Skeleton Empire Start
Kenshi - Skeleton Empire Start

This is a general map of the path i take when doing this start. The Skeletons are my favorite race, not because of their ezmode no hunger but i just like being a Skeleton or a Robot in games. My goal with this strat was to try and start a Skeleton Empire, but it is a good start for people that just want a easy start aswell.

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