Terraria – Infinite Liquid Farm

This guide will show you a simple and effective way of creating an infinite liquid farm in Terraria for all your needs!


All credit goes to Konquigaming!

You’ll need a couple of things to start building your infinite liquid farm.

These are the resources needed for one tank. If you wish to build three tanks for all three liquids, triple these amounts. Or just follow the steps three times. Or just don’t.

You’ll need:

  • This guide
  • About 50 blocks
  • About 20 wire
  • An inlet pump and an outlet pump (these can be crafted with 10 Iron/Lead Bars and 2 Wire at an anvil)
  • A method of power, whether that be switches, levers, 1, 3, or 5 second timers, children’s tears, cats, or pressure plates.
  • Any liquid, and make sure you have about 20-30 blocks of it. I’ve heard the underworld has a lot of lava. Watch out for demons. Oceans have some water. I think. And beehives. They have honey. Just don’t summon the Queen Bee accidentally if you’re not prepared.

You’ll also need some tools that aren’t listed here, but are basically a given if you want to build with certain resources. Those include:

  • Bucket(s) for transporting liquids
  • Wrenches or Grand Design for obvious reasons wiring
  • Wire Cutters in case you make a mistake (you can go without them if you’re feeling risky)
  • Pickaxes. You might make mistakes, but you’re purposefully breaking blocks in this guide.

Make sure you have everything in this guide handy, because nobody likes to pause construction to scamper around their world for resources.

Building… a building

This is the part of the guide where Ikea tells you that you don’t have the strength to move on! Only here, the guide is in English, you (hopefully) have all the parts, and there’s pretty pictures!

So, you’ll start with a little box. At least, it should be 6 blocks long and 10 blocks high. Like this.

Terraria - Infinite Liquid Farm

Huh. I could’ve sworn I cropped these. One second…

Much better. You can also expand these tanks to be…



Or both!

Either way, it doesn’t matter. But, as these pictures show, you’ll need to have blocks placed preferably in the middle of the tank at the top and at the bottom. These are where you’ll be placing your pumps. Be sure to place the outlet pump on top, and the inlet pump on the bottom. Mixing them up means it won’t work. If it does, that’s weird.

Now, use your wiring skills to link up your inlet pump to your outlet pump. Link this to your power source. I chose a one-second timer.

Now that the wiring is all set up, it’s time for the fun part! Hooray! Take your buckets and move your liquid (I chose water) into the tank. Fill it enough to cover the pump on the bottom, and just a little bit more.

This picture doesn’t have enough water. Fill it up more!

Then, power your mechanical beast and watch your tank slowly but surely fill up!

There ya go! That’s it for the building portion, the following section explains how this works.

Some tips to help kick off your liquid expanding experience:

  • Lava and Honey drip slowly. You might need to add a bit more. Don’t be afraid of losing liquid. Terraria’s weird. Some parts disappear.
  • For some reason, leaving the mechanism off-screen helps it duplicate faster. I do not know why.
  • You can link one timer to three chambers using different colored wire to save crafting materials and/or space!


The way this works is fairly simple:

  • The thin walls provide an easy way to collect your liquid.
  • The inlet pump takes in 2 blocks worth of your liquid, but the outlet pump dispenses slightly more.
  • Adding a timer makes it AFK-able.
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  1. Here’s my constructive criticism: Ground rules for a guide are just very bloody strange and weird – If you don’t want to hear hate, just ignore it. I had to dislike this because I don’t want ground rules to catch on, theyre just next-level cringe.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, it duplicates faster off-screen because the world doesn’t have to smooth out liquids settling unless you can see them. Otherwise, the game would perpetually run at 0.001 FPS.

  3. feedback fox srry to say but you cringed me you are the cringe to me “(its like sayen your the grinch to me but your not)” P.S. i kinda like the cringe part

  4. what if you made a bunch of these in the sky and make your world slowly fill up until everyone dies… or do a survival challenge or something idk)))

  5. for the Inlet um at the bottom, you could make an indentation at the bottom of the tank, a 2×2 notch (with the pump inside)) downwards so fluids spill into it. then you only need 4 blocks of each liquid to start.

  6. There is an easier way to do this but it is not automatic, all it requires is a bucket of liquid that you want more of.

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