God of War – All Valkyrie Locations

God of War – All Valkyrie Locations Guide (Chooser of the Slain Trophy Walkthrough).

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There are a total of 9 Valkyries to defeat in God of War. All of the Valkyries are hidden in the Hidden Chamber of Odin locations around the map. You need the chisel from the story in order to break the seals on the doors, as soon as you have that you can start to fight the Valkyries.

I recommend you do not attempt to fight them until level 6-7. They are very difficult bosses even on easy/normal difficulty.

Defeating each one will drop epic rarity gear as well as crafting materials. One of the best armor sets in the game drops from them, which helps a lot for other end game activities. Defeating all 9 of them will reward you with the Chooser of the Slain trophy.

Valkyrie / Hidden Chambers Timeline:

  • 0:00 – The River Pass
  • 1:23 – Foothills
  • 2:25 – The Mountain
  • 3:11 – Thamur’s Corpse
  • 3:52 – Alfheim
  • 4:33 – Helheim
  • 5:09 – Muspelheim
  • 5:35 – Niflheim
  • 6:44 – Council of the Valkyries (Valkyrie Queen)

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