BATTLETECH – Best Salvage Strategies

Guide provides helpful hints and approaches to securing maximum salvage!

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Best Way to Salvage Higher Tonnage / Assault Mechs

The best way to salvage higher tonnage Mechs (especially Assault Mechs) is employing what I call the Knock Down Method. Long story short, use LRM’s (or SRM’s or ballistics) to continually knock down the enemy Mech(s) until you incapacitate the pilot.

When you incapacitate the pilot, you obtain three pieces of salvage.

Some key things to note:

  • Destroying a leg knockdowns/causes 1 injury
  • Destroying a torso causes 1 injury
  • Damage to the head/cockpit can cause 1 injury

Also, the type of Mechwarrior piloting the enemy Mech determines the number of times you have to injure the pilot. A scout might take 3-4 injuries while a Elite Mechwarrior or Gladiator might take 5-6 injuries. This could also vary depending on cockpit mods which allow the Mechwarrior to incur additional injuries.

Check out this video where I take on multiple Assault Mechs with only a heavies. Showcases some strategies and tactics to use the terrain to block enemy fire. Also, watch out for Highlanders, they can and do DFA!

General Salvage Strategies

There are multiple strategies to maximizing salvage.

I’d recommend 2:

  1. Incapacitate the enemy pilot by causing several Mechwarrior or pilot injuries – this will net you 3 pieces of salvage
  2. Destroy both legs of the enemy Mech – this will net you 2 pieces of salvage 

There’s the third option of blowing out the enemy cockpit (effectively incapacitating the enemy pilot). The probability of hitting the cockpit is lower making it more likely to CT the Mech than actually hit the cockpit.

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