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BATTLETECH - All Career Mode Score Achievements (How To Get Fast and Easy)

Written by Morix   /   Nov 26, 2019    

It's cheap, it's cheesy, but it works.

Intro and Warnings

This guide will instruct you on how to attain the Career mode score achievements quickly and easily. In particular, we're focusing on six specific achievements which I will detail below.

This guide involves making minor modifications to a particular game file. If you are not comfortable doing this, do not continue with this guide. Modding game files incorrectly can lead to an inoperable game or corrupted saves.

Always create backups of any files you intend to modify and store them in a safe location.

The File

The file you're looking for is called simGameConstants.json and you will find it in this directory:

...Steam\SteamApps\common\BATTLETECH\BattleTech_Data\ StreamingAssets\data\

You can open this file using Notepad. Again, please be sure to create a backup of this file before making any changes.

First Change

We are going to make two changes. First, look for:

"GameLength" : 1200,

Default Career games last for 1200 days, but with what we're doing there is no reason to wait so long. Change the value to a much smaller number:

"GameLength" : 5,

Second Change

Next look for the following:

"SystemsVisitedScorePerUnit" : 500,

To achieve the Kerensky rank, you need to finish your Career with at least 784,000 points. One of the ways to score points is by visiting many different systems. What we're going to do is change the amount of points you get for visiting a single system:

"SystemsVisitedScorePerUnit" : 784000,

That's it! Now save and close the simGameConstants file.

Now What?

Launch the game. At the main menu select Career, then New. To make it easy on yourself, select enough difficulty modifiers so that your total multiplier is equal to 1. Make sure one of those options selected is Iron Man so you can pick up the related achievement.

Create your character with whatever stats you want, it doesn't matter. Once you're officially in game and looking at the Argo, you will already have more than enough points to get everything. Why? Because the planet you start at counts as your first explored system, so the game gives you 784,000 points right off the bat. You can double check your points by clicking on the day timer in the upper left corner.

Now just wait the five days (or however many days you put in the first change). Your Career will end and you'll bank six new achievements instantly.


Survived A Mercenary Career

  • Completed your first Career Mode campaign with any rank.

Heart of Iron

  • Completed Career Mode with Iron Man enabled.

A Veteran Mercenary

  • Accomplished a Career Mode score at Veteran rank.

An Elite Mercenary

  • Accomplished a Career Mode score at Elite rank.

A Legendary Mercenary

  • Accomplished a Career Mode score at Legendary rank.

A Career Unheard of in Over Two Centuries

  • Accomplished a Career Mode score at Kerensky rank.

Written by Morix.