Ultimate Custom Night – The Fredbear Jumpscare Secret

Well, you read the title, you should know what this is! This is a small guide on how to easily get jumpscared by Fredbear!

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The Fredbear Jumpscare

First things first, open Ultimate Custom Night. After that, set Golden Freddy to a difficulty of 1, and the rest to 0. You can use powerups if you’d like, I don’t beleive that this changes the outcome. Hit GO!

Now when you start, I’d recommened putting on the power generator, as sometimes it takes Golden Freddy awhile to appear, I didn’t see it until 3AM. Now you want to look for some Faz-Coins, and if you used the boost, it shouldn’t take too long. Once you have 10, buy the death coin. Have your mouse on the death coin and be ready. Flip the camera up and down to summon Golden Freddy. (This could take a short time or a long time). When he appears, you should be prompted to use the death coin, click on the death coin.

Now instead of the night going on, you should be greeted by a Golden like animatronic, highly resembling Fredbear. Once this happens, you get GAME OVER, with an odd voice. This does not unlock anything yet, or at the least nothing has been found to be unlocked. Congrats! You’ve been jumpscared by Fredbear!

Written by Molten Freddy

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