Farming Simulator 17 – Sowing and Fertilization

Liters of seeds and fertilizant used for one hectar: mean values for all seeds and fertilizant used.

Results and Conclusions

Sowing: each culture uses different amounts of seeds, in the order of magnitude of 00 to 1000 l/ha;

  • Apart from the case of potatoes: more than 4000 l/ha, but after the harvest will be possible to use part of the potatoes harvested to charge the sowing machine again, avoiding to buy new seeds. 

Fertilization: the two types of chemical fertilization (liquid and solid) practically are equal (both for consumption and for expenditure). The convenience is to use the solid f., gaining time as it allows a higher speed of machining;

  • The fertilizations with slurry or manure itself does not have a real direct costs, resulting from farming activities. Consumption appears to be 40 times higher than chemical fertilizers. 
  • You can fertilize cultivating oilseed radish: when it’s ready, it will reinterred (green manure). There is also the ability to fertilize using all cultures, but it is not convenient). 

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