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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Child Gifting Guide

Written by TheAlphaPigeon   /   Aug 31, 2018    
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Child Gifting Guide

This is a guide containing a list of objects you can give to your children.

Gift List

  • Dagger (any) 
  • Wooden Sword 
  • Child's Doll (girl only) 
  • Girl's Dress (various colors) 
  • Boy's Tunic (various colors) 
  • The Yellow Book of Riddles 
  • The Red Book of Riddles 
  • Kolb and the Dragon 
  • A Children's Anuad 
  • Apple Pie 
  • Honey Nut Treat 
  • Boiled Creme Treat 
  • Sweetrolls 
  • Green/Red Apple 
  • Long Taffy Treat 
  • Honey 
  • Homecooked Meal 
  • Snowberry Crostata 
  • Apple Dumpling 
  • Elsweyr Fondu 

This list is not complete and contains items that are found within the Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC. Children also do not accept gifts that have been stolen. The Hearthfire DLC added a number of sweets to give your children so if you're cooking, if it's a pastry assume it could be gifted and give it a try.

Gift Acquisition

Not everyone knows where to find gifts for their children, and the only gifts that can be made are food items and various daggers. This is a list of shops/locations where you are likely to find gifts. Wooden swords/daggers can be found under weapons, while dolls and child clothing is found in MISC.

  • General Stores - There is a general store in every major hold (whiterun, markarth, riftin, windhelm, solitude) and it's possible to purchase a variety of gifts provided they're available in the shop inventory.
  • Khajiit Caravan - The caravans have a high chance of selling toys (swords/dolls).
  • Dressers/chests/similar containers - Even in a bandit den be sure to check all the dressers and wardrobes, as there's a chance you'll find a dress/tunic and a toy or two.
  • Radiant Raiment - In Solitude, this shop provides child clothes regularly.
  • Households with children - Anywhere books in general are located is good but households that have kids are more likely to also have children's books on their shelves. They're also more likely to have sweets.
  • Wealthy homes - it's important you befriend these people so it's not stealing as a child won't take stolen gifts, but wealthier locations tend to have more sweets available for the taking.

Written by TheAlphaPigeon.