Hearts of Iron IV – 100% Achievement Guide

Achievements in HoI IV, in general, are interested and tricky. The recommendations for the achievements are based on personal experience.

General Recommendations

To obtain achievements you need:

  • Start a single player on January 1, 1936; 
  • Choose a level of difficulty for the regular, veteran or elite; 
  • Enable Ironman mode; 
  • Do not use modifications. 

To make it easier to get some achievements, you can play on older versions. To do so you need:

  • Go to game properties in your Steam library; 
  • Choose needed version in “Betas” column; 
  • To return to the last version select “NONE – Opt out of all beta programs”. 

List of achievements available from the version 1.0.0:

  • Friends in Need; 
  • Time is on our side; 
  • We’ll build it in a day; 
  • Transport Tycoon; 
  • Wunderwaffen; 
  • Destroyer of Worlds; 
  • Master of War; 
  • Mine is bigger than yours; 
  • No country for old men; 
  • New World Order; 
  • Canada First; 
  • True Blitzkrieg; 
  • Operation Sea Lion; 
  • Nobody expects; 
  • The bell tolls for us; 
  • United Netherlands; 
  • Forge of Victory; 
  • Vive la France; 
  • Big Entente; 
  • Poland can into space 
  • Bearer of Artillery; 
  • The Revolution Triumphant; 
  • Duce Nuked’em; 
  • Once More Mate; 
  • One Empire; 
  • Northern Light; 
  • Med plutonium; 
  • Party like it’s 1520; 
  • The Revenge of Montezuma; 
  • Sunset Invasion. 

List of achievements available from the version 1.3.0:

  • The Puppetmaster; 
  • Cut The Strings; 
  • It’s 1812 All Over Again; 
  • Braaaaains; 
  • The weapons of the Third Emu War; 
  • The Empire Strikes Back; 
  • Rule Britannia; 
  • Our Words Are Backed With Nuclear Weapons; 
  • I Am the Tong Master; 
  • District 9; 
  • Crusader Kings; 
  • Crusader Kings 2; 
  • Freegypt. 

List of achievements available from the version 1.4.0:

  • Lethal Straight; 
  • The Balkan Powder Keg; 
  • Huge-oslavia; 
  • The Munich Disagreement; 
  • Czechmate; 
  • Miklos Horthy and the Habsburg Prince; 
  • Better than the Szent István; 
  • Neither Death nor Dishonor; 
  • Death or Dishonor or Cake; 
  • En Svensk Tiger. 

List of achievements available from the version 1.5.0:

  • Monarchy is Back in Fashion; 
  • Our Other Place in the Sun; 
  • Australia-Hungary; 
  • I Swear I’m Not a Byzantophile; 
  • My Ships Don’t Lie; 
  • Tojo Shot First; 
  • Sunrise Invasion; 
  • The Dragon Swallowed the Sun; 
  • The Good, the Bad and the Weird; 
  • Hail to the Qing; 
  • Awake and Angry; 
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms; 
  • The People Have Stood Up; 
  • Made in China; 
  • Sun Tzu Reborn; 
  • Battlecry; 
  • Panda-monium; 
  • Make a Man Out Of You.

Friend in Need

It is necessary to join any faction.

Time is on our side

Continue the game until 1948.

We’ll build it in a day

It is necessary to explore technology “Construction V”.

Transport Tycoon

You need 1000 convoys at your disposal. Just put all the dockyards on their production and wait.


It is necessary to investigate the whole branch of nuclear and missile technologies.

Destroyer of Worlds

Drop a nuclear bomb.

Master of War

It is necessary to fully study one tree from the land, naval and air doctrines.

Mine is bigger than yours

You need to have 20 members in your faction. Puppets are considered, so you can produce them and make satellites with each conquest.

The Puppetmaster

Have at least 26 subjects. It it similar to the “Mine is bigger than yours”, but if earlier we needed independent states, now they are just our targets, from whose territories we will get required subjects and satellites.

No country for old men

It is necessary to have conscription law “Scraping the Barrel” and 0 human resources. It will be necessary to create a lot of divisions, aviation and flotillas.

Cut The Strings

Break free from your overlord as a puppet. For example British Raj. We need to take on the political advisers of the fascist demagogue and start a civil war. You need to turn off DLC Together for Vicroty.

New World Order

Make all country fascist. This achievement is very long, but interesting. First we need to get rid of the main obstacles (conquer them or make them your subjects) like France, United Kingdom, United States and Soviet Union. Then you will, usually, wait for war goal justification, than fight. Will be also be useful to support fascists ideology and make revolution in countries that hard for you to pick up by hand.

Lethal Straight

You need to get a license from 5 major powers out of 7 (German Reich, Italy, Japan, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, France and United States). It will be enough to ask them for obsolete infantry equipment and your achievement. You need DLC Death or Dishonor.

Canada First

Join Axis as Canada. Become fascist with the help of advisor, then leave Allies and join Axis, where uncle Adolf waiting for you with open arms.

It’s 1812 All Over Again

As Canada, take and hold Washington D.C. This achievement is a reference to War of 1812. Fits well with the “Canada First” achievement. Declare war on United States and break through to the capital. You can use paratroopers but untill 1942 America is relatively weak, so it’s not going to be hard to break their defense.


As Canada, complete the focus “Send in the Zombie”. This achievement is a reference to the Conscription Crisis of 1944. You need DLC Together for Victory.

True Blitzkrieg

As Germany, have both Poland and France surrender before January 1st 1940. Taking into account the initial strength of the Third Reich, this achievement does not provide any complexity for getting it. You can grow power and then wage war on two fronts and bypass la Ligne Maginot, or you can sweep away France at the very beginning of the game. For that, you cannot demilitarize the Rhineland, because this will raise world tension. On reaching the level of 48 political authorities, start justify war goal and withdraw troops to Frankfurt. After we declared war on France, wait until they come out from bunkers and start go through our land. After they get close to Frankfurt, we will begin active actions, the essence of which is to kill as many French troops as possible. After it will be easy to go through their bunkers, and there it is already a stone’s throw to Paris. After the war, you need take every region, because if you create subject, the achievement will not be unlocked.

Operation Sea Lion

Control British mainland as Germany. It is a reference to planned, but never happened, German landing on the British Isles. It’s easy as the last achievement. It is better to finish with France from the very beginning, then prepare maritime disembarkations and declare war on the British. When it will be possible to occupy the port, throw there every man you have. British don’t have strong troops, so it will be easy to go through whole island.

Monarchy is Back in Fashion

As Germany, bring back the Kaiser and ensure that Italy is controlled by Victor Emmanuel by killing Mussolini. To get this achievement you need to win civil war and take focus to kill Mussolini. Try to select focus fast because Wilhelm 2 dies early and you need him to be in power. You need DLC Waking the Tiger.

Our Other Place in the Sun

As Imperial Germany, conquer a Caribbean island. You need select focus “Our Place in the Sun” and conquer any island in the Caribbean Sea. You need DLC Waking the Tiger.

Nobody expects…

As Nationalist Spain in Axis manage to take Paris before the Germans. It’s a Monty Python reference. The only hard thing is a civil war, but thanks to the nationalists it will be much easier. You need to make many mountain-infantry divisions, but don’t use them until the war. When the war starts, take most of your mountain-infantry divisions and let them surround Madrid so that the Communists cannot take territories. The remaining troops send to clear out Navarre and Catalonia. When Madrid, Navarre and Catalonia will be yours, send remaining troops to break through Catalonian ports. Republicans will send most of their divisions, so you can send your divisions who were defending Madrid. After winning the war, enter Axis and wait until Germany will starts a war with France. You have two choices here: Drop paratroopers beside Paris and take before Germans. Or you can just ask Germans to give you Paris after war.

The bell tolls for us

Win Spanish Civil War as Republican Spain. This achievement is a reference to an Ernest Hemingway novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. Republican Spain weaker than nationalists, but it possible to win. Or you can do a little trick. Finish the civil war for nationalists, then take communist-revolutionary political advisor and become Republican with the help of a referendum.

United Netherlands

Playing for the Netherlands, you need to conquer Belgium and Luxembourg. Is a reference to the existing idea of the expansion of the Netherlands territories. From the outset, select focus on the development of politics to gain power, on ours we take a fascist demagogue. After the change of ideology, we begin to justify the purpose of the war on Belgium and Luxembourg. The only problem may be a British guarantee, if you don’t have time to declare both wars to 25% of the world tension. In this case, it’s better to just start again.

Forge of Victory

When playing for Belgium, you need to have 50 factories. Achievement takes into account factories, military plants and shipyards. You can repeat the same actions as when playing for the Netherlands. Obtained territories you should be enough for building. You can also join the Axis, and together with Germany attack France. Germans will quickly occupy territories and factories for you.

Vive la France

Reach 1948 as France without capitulating or surrendering. You need to reinforce your territories with bunkers bordering with Italy, Spain and Belgium. Don’t forget to defend your ports to prevent invasion from the sea. Distribute divisions on 4 fronts and just wait.

Big Entente

As France, complete the “Little Entente” National Focus, and have all German core owned by you or someone in your faction. First you need to make a protest because of remilitarization of Rhineland, so you not going to join Allies that going to prevent taking national focus “Little Entente”, making your faction and inviting Yugoslavia and Romania. Next, you need to get rid of divided government by making the advisor to democrat-reformer and take “Defensive Stratagems”. You also need to reinforce your border with Italy. After that, there is two ways to do the achievement. You can either wait until the Axis loses, but you need to do a democratic revolution in Germany and have time to invite needed countries. Alternatively, you can choose attacking tactics. But for that you need 20 divisions to keep the Italian front. And the same number if Spain will want to join the fun. The remaining divisions will have to restrain the German from the Maginot, and when they are weakened and switch to Poland and your faction – attack! If Japan enters the war, then everything can take a long time, but it is not critical. The main point in obtaining the achievement is the Republic of Germany, which will take the territories of the Third Reich, and we will get the achievement.

Poland can into space

Finish all Rocket Technologies as Poland. Do not bother with the war, for capitulations does not interfere with research. The main thing: join any strong faction.

Bearer of Artillery

Gain Wojtek as commander. Wojtek was a Syrian brown bear purchased, as a young cub, at a railway station in Hamadan, Iran, by Polish II Corps soldiers who had been evacuated from the Soviet Union. In order to get Wojtek as commander you need to:

  • Complete “Artillery Modernization” focus;
  • Have a neutral ideology;
  • Not to be in the Comintern;
  • Poland or its ally must own the Hamadan region;
  • Wage war with Italy;
  • Have at least one division in Tuscany, Abruzzi and Lazio.

The only important focus is “Polish Revanchism”, allowing justify a war goal with 10% world tension. Try taking every land that you can, not getting involved in a global war. Since the USSR and the Third Reich have plans for Poland, things going to be hard. However, you can build bunkers, join Allies and declare war on Iran. An easy way to do the achievement is to lower your game version, because there was a bug on lower versions where when you take Czechoslovakia before Germany demands the Sudetenland, Hitler will not be able to take the focuses associated with a pretension. If everything goes right, you can safely fight with Soviet Union, then Iran and then Italy. When “Wojtek Never Drops A Crate” is popped up, make Wojtek a commander.

The Revolution Triumphant

Have Germany as a puppet of Soviet. Start with justifying war goal on Poland then Germany. Soviet Union have many divisions so it will not be too hard. Don’t bother with Italy because Germany probably will not be able to annex Austria and there will not be a passage to Italy. So move your divisions to the Japanese borders, supporting Communist Party in France, because she the one who will deal with Italy. Deal with Japanese puppets and by revolution in the place where there is a port, successfully conduct the Japanese campaign. After capitulation of the countries of the Axis, make the Third Reich your puppet.

Duce Nuked’em

Nuke Los Angeles as fascist Italy. It refers to the series of computer games “Duke Nukem”. It is best to carry out the New Roman Empire as part of your own faction, because in 1942 the US will declare war on the Third Reich. From the very beginning, it will be necessary to declare war on France before the guarantor Great Britain throws them. If Germany bothers to take France bunkers, then the problem of Italy lies in its weak combat power, and therefore will have to act cunning. We study paratroopers, put fighters and transport planes on production, and also translate all available aircraft as close as possible to the borders. Our infantry divisions will need to keep the defenses on the border, while our brave paratroopers land in Paris and other major cities, forcing France to surrender (the method was up to version 1.5.0). Followed by the United Kingdom, make out sea and air landings, take the port and throw the division there. The only nuance that should be emphasized here is participation in the war of Canada, at least 1% is needed to take their territory. You can try to organize disembarkations, which can be very problematic. We will have to wait and not bring England to surrender, until our goal does something. With success, we take the whole of Canada, and Britain can be made a puppet, since they can be very useful. Further up to 1945 we are engaged in our own affairs, developing nuclear weapons, building bunkers, air defense, infrastructure and air bases on the border with America. You can help a friend of Adolf with the USSR, so that he too can take part in the forthcoming war. Having created a large number of nuclear bombs, airplanes and divisions, we will be ready for a war that promises to be very difficult. Immediately start bombing all the territories of the United States, because in your direction immediately fly the same bombs, which you are ready to cast them. Having bombed a sufficient number of airbases, we must get the necessary advantage in the sky over California, in order to finally drop the bomb next to Los Angeles and get this long-awaited achievement.

Once More Mate

Occupy Gallipoli as Australia. It’s refers to the events of the First World War, when the soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand corps landed on the Gallipiolian Peninsula. Focus on politics and take a communist-revolutionary. After the referendum enter the Comintern and move the divisions to the area of Sevastopol. On arrival, prepare a sea landing in Istanbul and declare war. It is also necessary to invite the USSR to take part in order to gain supremacy at sea. After the occupation of Istanbul, you will get an achievement.

The weapons of the Third Emu War

As Australia, use a nuclear bomb on core Australian territory. This achievement is a reference to an Emu War (started in 1932). Wait for the moment when we will have bombs, start a civil war and drop a bomb on your territory. The achievement is counted only for the mainland, the islands are not counted.


As Australia, own all core territory of Hungary. At the end of the war, take all territories of Hungary. The only problem is that Hungary is located in the middle of Europe and you cannot do without an faction. The main thing is to have enough points at the conference otherwise needed territories will go to someone else, and you have to start the war again.

The Balkan Powder Keg

Playing for Yugoslavia, start World War II. The reference to the events preceding the First World War, when the Balkans were in constant tension, in view of the claims of many countries to these territories. The achievement is very simple: we become a fascist, enter the Axis and declare war on Britain before all.


As Yugoslavia, occupy all neighboring countries. To achieve achievement, it is enough to occupy them during the war. It is necessary to capture all the territories of the following countries:

  • Austria;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Greece;
  • Turkey;
  • Italy;
  • Romania;
  • Albania;
  • Hungary.

Become a fascist and conquer Bulgaria. Then we start a war with Greece and send some troops to restrain the Romanian attack. After the surrender of the Greeks, we throw all the troops on Romania. Then comes the turn of Hungary, but the main thing: do not get involved in the war with the Allies. When threats from Germany begin, it will be necessary to enter the Axis, but not into their war. We are waiting for the USSR to start a war over Bessarabia. Together with the Reich we deal with the Union. Next, we need to prepare for a large-scale war with our former allies. When we are ready – leave the Axis, and then the Third Reich himself will remember us all the old grievances and start a war. We take the territory of Albania and gradually seize Germany and Italy. We support fascism in Turkey, so that they enter the Axis and also get hit. If the Allied forces take the territories you need, it makes sense to take a democratic adviser, join their faction and ask for a region. You need DLC Death or Dishonor.

The Munich Disagreement

Playing as Czechoslovakia, occupy Munich. It refers to the Munich Agreement of 1938, according to which the Sudetenland withdrew to Germany. But, as the name of the achievement tells us, we will not give it away, but from the very beginning we will organize defense from Germany and Austria. When the defense is ready, we create paratroopers, transport planes and fighters. We refuse to Germany, and wait until our main forces are tied to our borders. Then drop the landing and occupy Munich.


Playing as Czechoslovakia, occupy Canberra. Put the “czech mate” in the war with Britain. The best option would be to become a fascist and join the Axis, thus avoiding a war with Germany. Further, it will be necessary to seize the territory with access to the sea and the closest options will be Romania and Yugoslavia (after the liquidation of Hungary). If you are lucky, you will be able to pick up all the Balkans. The main thing: do not get into the war with the Allies ahead of time. We build submarines and prepare maritime invasions from the Japanese islands closest to Australia. When everything is ready: we enter the war, land on the mainland and move to Canberra, the capital of Australia.

Miklos Horthy and the Habsburg Prince

Playing as Hungary, recreate Austria-Hungary. The name of the achievement refers to a series of books “Harry Potter”. We take focus “Invite the Habsburg Prince” and in parallel become a fascist. The main thing is that the focus should end before the coup. Then take the “Take Austria By Force”, take Vienna and capture all regions. Then the focus is “Protect Czechoslovakia” and, most importantly, that Bohemia should stand under our crown and we receive the whole territory, otherwise we will have to start anew. We enter the Axis, so that when Germany demands the Sudetenland, we could not give it up calmly. When the war begins, we help Adolf with Poland, Benelux and France, in parallel we are preparing the airborne forces, which we drop into the port of the British. We transport the divisions and capture the island. We will need to take Jordan and Palestine from England, the rest at will. Then we become a communist and prepare divisions for an attack on three sides: Germany, Italy and Yugoslavia. We join the Comintern and declare war on the Axis. At the end of the war, we will need the following territories:

  • Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany (Italy);
  • Oberschlesien and Niederschlesien (Germany);
  • Franche-Comte (France).

You need DLC Death or Dishonor.

Better than the Szent István

It is necessary, when playing as Hungary, to build a battleship and appoint him commander of Miklos Horthy. The achievement refers to St. Stephen, the first King of Hungary, and also to the battleship of the Austro-Hungarian fleet of the same name. It is necessary to take the focus of the “Invite the Habsburg Prince” so that Horthy will become the commander of the fleet, to study the battleship and gain access to the sea. It is necessary to prepare for a war with Yugoslavia or Romania. Having secured the shipyard, we build a battleship and appoint Horty as its captain. You need DLC Death or Dishonor.

Neither Death nor Dishonor

Playing as Romania, preserve its original territory and occupy Moscow or Berlin after 1942. By preserving the territories here is meant that the enemy not only should not occupy your territory, but you should not conquer anything either. Occupation during the war does not count. The best option is to enter the Axis early. Bunkers and divisions on the borders with Hungary and the USSR are necessary. We do not enter any wars. When the time of war with Hungary comes up, we do not attack, we only defend and wait until Germany is finished with them. During the war with the Soviet Union, do not stick out, wait until their divisions are weakened. When we are confident in our own strengths and the power of the Third Reich – we go on the attack. If you do not succeed in occupying Moscow before Germany, then simply ask for it after the beginning of 1942. You need DLC Death or Dishonor.

Death or Dishonor or Cake

Playing as Romania, save the power of Carol II and take away a piece of land from each of your neighbors. It will be necessary to take possession of any part of the territories of the following countries:

  • Bulgaria;
  • Hungary;
  • Czechoslovakia;
  • Yugoslavia;
  • Soviet Union;
  • Poland.

To keep Karol II in power, you must leave the ruling party neutrality and not take the following focuses:

  • All Parties Must End;
  • Force Abdication;
  • Handle the king;
  • King Michael’s Coup.

From the very beginning of the game, we need a lot of divisions on the battlefields. To do this, you need to quickly create a lot of cavalry and, as soon as it finishes unfolding, change their composition to the conventional infantry. We need these actions for the following focuses, to which we make a priority:

  • Puppet Bulgaria (we make a puppet, build up territories and annex them);
  • Align Hungary (you need to get a refusal and conquer them);
  • Split Czechoslovakia (doing the same thing as with Bulgaria);
  • Divide Yugoslavia (the same as with Hungary).

When Germany starts a war with the USSR, we justify the goal for the Union and accept an invitation to the Axis. After surrender, in addition to the Soviet territories, we will have a tiny bit of Poland available. You need DLC Death or Dishonor.

I Swear I’m Not a Byzantophile

Playing a Greece, recreate the Byzantine Empire. To form Byzantium, you will need to make a decision that will appear after you control the territories of the following countries:

  • Yugoslavia;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Albania;
  • Romania;
  • Turkey.

You need DLC Waking the Tiger.

One Empire

Unite the whole world under the British crown. It is necessary to lead the faction and that all countries of the world should be part of it. The achievement is similar to the New World Order. One can remain a democrat, build up ideologies, make coups and fight with those who created world tension. Alternatively, you can already be in a war, become a fascist and declare war on everyone we can reach, the main thing is not to overdo it, so that you do not crush the number. The main thing is that after the end of any big war, you have time to become a democrat, otherwise your allies will leave the faction. In total, there are two great wars: with the Axis and the Comintern, and then everything will be simple.

The Empire Strikes Back

Playing as Britain, declare war on one of its former puppets. The title refers us to the fifth part of the epic “Star Wars”. We take the fascist demagogue and observe how after the referendum Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand withdraw from our faction. Declare war on any of them. You must disable the DLC Together for Victory.

Rule Britannia

Playing as any British subject, occupy the whole of Great Britain. As it is sung in the song of the same name:

Rule, Britannia! Rule the waves:

Britons never will be slaves.

Only now we just have to make them our slaves, playing as Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand or South Africa. The achievement is identical to the requirements of the “Operation Sea Lion”, that is, it is necessary to capture all the territories of England on the British Isles. The strategy for any country will be the same:

  • Get independence before the war with Germany;
  • Do not join the war, but stay in the faction to monitor the movements of the British;
  • Develop the army, navy and aviation.

Declare war to the United Kingdom only in case of full confidence in their abilities.
You can enter the Axis, in order to get ports and airbases in the territory of the Benelux countries. This will simplify the invasion.

Northern Light

Playing as one of the Scandinavian powers, to create an faction, which should include Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The most profitable country for obtaining an achievement is Sweden. In order to gain the opportunity to create faction, we need to focus on “Ideological Fanaticism”, become a fascist and, in the absence of guarantors from other countries, capture the territories of Denmark and Norway, creating small puppets. In Finland, we simply make a coup and invite a freshly baked state.

Med plutonium…

Drop the nuclear bomb on Denmark, playing as Sweden. You can also become a fascist and, waiting for the bombs, declare war on Denmark.

En Svensk Tiger

Playing as Sweden, get a license for a German tank “Tiger”. The achievement refers to an advertising company in Sweden during the Second World War, calling on the people of the country to remain silent and to remain neutral, as well as to the Swedish’s post-war attempt to buy and put into service the German “King Tiger”. We again become a fascist and enter the Axis, but in the war it is not necessary for us to participate in it. We sit, study armored vehicles, waiting for 1942, when Germany will have the tank we need and ask for a license. You need DLC Death or Dishonor.

Party like it’s 1520

It is necessary, when playing for communist Denmark, to take Stockholm. Achievement refers us to the event of 1520, when a mass execution of the Swedish nobility took place in Stockholm on the orders of the Danish King Christian II. We begin with a focus on the development of politics and become a communist through an adviser. We prepare the divisions: several will have to defend Copenhagen, the rest will split into two armies and prepare for a sea invasion in the surrounding areas of Stockholm. We declare war only when everything is ready. With a successful landing, we take the capital and get an achievement. If everything fails, the second chance will not be so soon, given our weak fleet. However, after a prolonged war, Sweden will join the Allies, and we will be invited to the Comintern. Taking into account the assistance of the Soviet fleet, problems with superiority at sea should not arise.

The Revenge of Montezuma

Playing as Mexico, restore the old boundaries. The name refers to the last emperor of the Aztecs Montezuma II, killed by Spanish conquistadors, and the very achievement to the American-Mexican War of 1846-1848. The following regions of the USA will need to be seized:

  • Texas;
  • New Mexico;
  • California;
  • Utah;
  • Nevada;
  • Arizona.

Become a fascist, create an army and immediately after the coup we start the war. You can enter the Axis, but you will not receive special reinforcements, but the Allies will have plenty of sea landings. You can not become a fascist, but wait 40% of the global tension and declare war on the Third Reich, thereby getting an invitation to the Allies, and then begin to fight with America. The necessary territory is easy enough to occupy during the war. If there are great difficulties with accomplishing the achievement, you can roll back the game version to the older one, when the AI was less developed.

Sunset Invasion

Occupy the sea province in Europe, playing as Mexico. Achievement is a reference to the game Crusader Kings II, and more specifically, to the same DLC, in which the Aztecs invade Western Europe. We become fascists and capture all the territories below us until we reach Panama. We build shipyards and develop submarines. When we gain a sufficiently strong fleet: declare war on Portugal and draw up a sea invasion first to the Azores and from them to Madeira. Then you have to choose: either to continue trying to take the port in Portugal, or switch to Spain, France or Germany and invade them. Act based on the situation. The main thing: do not enter into any faction.

Our Words Are Backed With Nuclear Weapons

Playing as India and having a national spirit, “Quit India Movement”, drop a nuclear bomb. Is a reference to the “Nuclear Gandhi” from the series of games Civilization. We are studying the focus “Quit India Movement” and develop nuclear weapons. When the time comes, we drop the nuclear bomb on the enemy. To get an achievement it’s enough just to take focus, you do not have to remain the whole game by the British subject, so that the national spirit is present. You need DLC Together for Victory.

I Am the Tong Master

Playing as South Africa, become free from the influence of Britain and create a puppet. We leave the allies and become a fascist, build convoys, submarines and prepare naval incursions into Liberia. After her surrender, we make a puppet. You must disable the DLC Together for Victory.

District 9

Playing as South Africa, have in the Transvaal 9 factories. Is a reference to the film “District 9”. We convert the existing military factories into factories and study technologies for industry in order to increase the number of factories in the district.

Crusader Kings

Playing as South Africa, you need to take the focus of “A King for Our People” and capture Jerusalem. Reaching refers to a series of games Crusader Kings. We develop the army and industry, become a fascist and take focus “A King for Our People.” When we are ready – enter the Axis and go on the offensive on the African territories of Great Britain. To Palestine, either we reach independently, or we ask the region if one of our allies has reached it before. You need DLC Together for Victory.

Crusader Kings 2

Playing as South Africa, take the focus of “Anti-Colonialist Crusade”, to free all European colonies through focuses and take London. Achievement continues to be reference to the series of games Crusader Kings. The following countries will need to be liberated:

  • Angola;
  • Mozambique;
  • Zimbabwe;
  • Kenya;
  • Congo.

For this, it will be necessary to seize the territories of their colonialists. From the very beginning, we are developing submarines and marines. It is necessary to act quickly and not delay with taking the focus of “Anti-Colonialist Crusade.” By the time we reach the “Liberate Portuguese Colonies” focus, we must have a fleet of submarines and a small group of marines, which should be enough to take three areas. You will also need ordinary infantry. Declare war on Portugal and land in Sao Tome, the islands of Cape Verde and Portuguese Guinea. Then we invade Madeira. At this time, our infantry captures the territory of Angola and Mozambique. When the events “Freedom for…” are highlighted, we always choose “We welcome them with open arms!”. It is not necessary to seize Portugal, but it is better to take the focus of “Liberate Belgian Colonies” and begin an invasion of Belgium. It needs to be done as quickly as possible, because as soon as the Second World War begins, Belgium will join the Allies and everything will become very complicated. When taking a port, it is better to immediately transfer to it the usual infantry divisions. The main thing is not to let the enemy cut off the troops from the port. After the surrender of Belgium, we take all the territories. We prepare paratroopers, transport planes and fighters. You can build a defense along the border with France. Along the way, we are preparing troops to capture British colonies. We take the focus of “Liberating British Colonies” and begin a war, that is better to delay until we take the territory of Kenya and more, because the event with their release can be very long, so there is already a choice, either to release them from the British invaders, or from Italian. In any case, you will still need to take London, to which you can simply throw off the airborne force, and if you decide to immediately surrender the UK, but not liberate all the peoples, do not forget to take the Greater London Area region at a peace conference and strengthen it. You need DLC Together for Victory.


Playing as Egypt, you need to get independence. We begin as the United Kingdom, we build up territories of Egypt factories, and on borders with Italy we have bunkers. We give independence to the Kingdom of Egypt as a puppet and play for it. We develop industry and build shipyards, which will produce convoys. We distribute troops in bunkers and wait for the war. We help the allies to deal with the forces of the Axis countries and supply Britain with lend-lease in the form of convoys, thereby increasing autonomy until we become a free state. You need DLC Together for Victory.

My Ships Don’t Lie

Playing as Colombia, form Gran Colombia and have 20 large ships. The title refers to the song of Colombian singer Shakira “Hips Do not Lie”. To get the achievement, it will be necessary to take a decisions “Revive Bolivar’s Legacy”, and also build 10 battleships and 10 aircraft carriers. For this it will be necessary to seize the territories of the following countries:

  • Colombia;
  • Venezuela;
  • Ecuador;
  • Panama;
  • Peru.

You need DLC Waking the Tiger.

Tojo Shot First

Playing as Japan, drop a nuclear bomb to the mainland of the United States before they develop it. The name of the achievement refers to the Japanese military leader Hideki Tojo and the phrase that became a meme for the fans of the franchise Star Wars: “Han shot first”. Because of the American focus on the accelerated development of nuclear technology, it is feasible only by early conquest of the US and their subsequent release after the readiness of the bomb.

Sunrise Invasion

Playing as Japan, annex Mexico and seize the sea province in Europe until January 1, 1945. It refers to the Mexican achievement “Sunset Invasion”. The main thing is to observe order: first Mexico, then invasion of Europe. It is also worth remembering that the war with Mexico will inevitably lead to war with the United States.

The Dragon Swallowed the Sun

As Manchukuo, break free from Japan and annex your former Overlord without being in a faction.

The Good, the Bad and the Weird

Playing as Manchukuo, have the maximum level of infrastructure in each region and produce more than 15 units of oil. The title refers to the same South Korean film. We are developing construction and refining. We build up territories with oil refineries and raise infrastructure to 10 in the following regions:

  • Heilongjiang;
  • Liaoning;
  • Jehol;
  • Kirin;
  • Sungkiang.

Hail to the Qing

As Manchukuo, restore the Qing dynasty. Playing as Manchukuo, you need to take the focus of the “Claim the Mandate of Heaven”, reviving the Qin dynasty, which ruled China from 1644 to 1912. You need DLC Waking the Tiger.

Awake and Angry

Playing as China, regain all the Chinese and Manchu territories and make Japan capitulate. The achievement is very difficult, because it implies the seizure of all Chinese territories. First, during the war with Japan, it will be necessary to occupy the territories of Manchuria and Korea. This will force Japan to offer peace. We return to ourselves the territories of Manchuria. Then we leave the United Chinese Front and seize the territories of former allies. Having seized Communist China, Sinkiang, Guangxi Clique, Shanxi, Xibei San Ma and Yunnan, there will remain 3 ports belonging to Portugal, France and England. It is time for total war.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Playing as China, first make from Yunnan and Guangxi Clique puppets, and then annex them. Achievement refers to the same game and the era of the Three Kingdoms in China 220- 280 years.

The People Have Stood Up!

Playing as the Communist China, with Mao as your leader, win the Chinese Civil War. The name refers to the phrase of Mao Zedong. It will be necessary to capture the entire territory of China, remaining a Communist. There are two possible scenarios: either to try to fight off China against the Japanese, and after the victory to fight with the former ally, or leave it to the mercy of fate and fight with China, as with the Japanese puppet. In the case of the second scenario, the war can be very protracted and the Allies can join it, and therefore, for every piece of land in peace talks, one has to be lucky. It is necessary to create a puppet first, since we will spend fewer points taking away territory for it. After the creation of a puppet from all of China, an event will appear with the reunion and victory in the civil war.

Made in China

As Communist China, have over 100 military factories.

Sun Tzu Reborn

Playing as any Chinese power, pumping the field marshal to level 9 skill. You can also take any general, pump to level 9 and increase it. The title refers to Sun Tzu, the famous Chinese strategist who wrote “The Art of War.”


Playing as any of the small Chinese powers, completely capture China and Japan. Implemented for the following countries:

  • Sinkiang;
  • Guangxi clique;
  • Shanxi;
  • Sibei San Ma;
  • Yunnan.

It will be necessary to annex the territory of all Chinese powers, Japan, Manchukuo and three small ports occupied by Britain, Portugal and France.


Playing as any of the small Chinese powers, declare war on all the Chinese countries at the same time. The ideal choice for a quick gain is Sinkiang. We take the decision “The Xi’an Incident” and if we refuse to unite with the Communists we choose “It is our only option.” When all the Chinese countries join the United China Front, we declare war on any of them.

Make a Man Out Of You

Playing as any of the small Chinese powers, have at least 1 000 000 people in the deployment queue. The title refers to the same song from the cartoon Mulan. Having a couple of millions of people’s resources and in every way increasing the factor of the military-obligated population, we leave in the template one infantry battalion, begin their training in the maximum quantity and again change the template, filling all available cells with infantry.

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  1. The management is good, but only “En Svensk Tiger” does not refer to the call to remain silent, but to the unsuccessful post-war attempt by the Swedes to equip themselves with tanks of the “Tiger” type.

  2. And in the achievement “The Revenge of Montezuma” to Montezuma, there is only a reference in the title. The achievement itself refers more to the Mexican-American War.

  3. With the latest patch, the “My Ships Don’t Lie” achievement has been updated. Now, to get the achievement, you need to make the decision “Revive Bolivar’s legacy” in the decision tab. To make this decision, you need to control the territory of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama, as well as own the provinces of Pastasa and Loreto, which originally belong to Peru.

  4. With the latest patch, the “My Ships Don’t Lie” achievement has been updated. Now, to get the achievement, you need to make the decision “Revive Bolivar’s legacy” in the decision tab. To make this decision, you need to control the territory of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama, as well as own the provinces of Pastasa and Loreto, which originally belong to Peru.

  5. I already got it in India, as in the version you proposed, but I did another thing about the nuclear bomb. Accordingly, you can immediately get two achievements without disabling the DLC.

  6. Sun Tzu Reborn, here you need to have a level 9 field marshal and the easiest way to get this achievement is to pump up to level 9 of an army general and increase to field marshal.

  7. Neither Death nor Dishonor – I got an achievement just by occupying the city of Berlin during the war lmao

  8. A small addition to the Bearer of Artillery: Russia should also not be in your Intermarium faction. You can use a puppet.

  9. “Vive la France” can be obtained by becoming a communist. First of all, we focus on the government, we help the Republicans in Spain, so there are fewer problems. And then we sit in deep defense and act according to the situation, we also do not forget to keep the divisions on the border with Switzerland, the Reich and Italy love to capture it.

  10. Clarifications for William Wallis – for the achievement it is necessary to choose an ordinary marriage, not a morganatic one, the USA should not be turned into a puppet, but all territories should be seized. Only then will the decisions include the option of creating a monarchy in the United States.

  11. “The Empire Strikes Back” can be obtained in another way. I sat down for Britain, then switched from it to Egypt, but the list of available achievements remained the same. In India, a citizen began, and I was credited with an achievement.
    But in the guide it will be faster.

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