Lethal League Blaze – Economics Guide

Want to unlock something asap? Learn the basics of LLB Economics and discover the most efficient way to grind for sparks.

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What are Sparks?

Sparks is the currency used in Lethal League Blaze, which is used to buy new skins, maps, showcase beats and game modes.

You get sparks (the thing on the right) for playing matches (online or offline) and get some extra ones for leveling up.

How Do You Get Sparks?

After some testing we concluded the only thing that determines if and how many sparks you get, is the amount of time the match lasts for (Which means that you can change any settings of your match that it won’t make any difference). This is determined by the last value recorded on the timer on the bottom of the screen:

Lethal League Blaze - Economics Guide

However, it’s not just any value. The match must last at least 55 seconds for you to receive any sparks. In other words, the last value to be recorded on the timer must be 9:05 (if playing a 10 minute match).

If the match ends after 55 seconds you receive the minimum amount, 40 sparks.

Moreover, the amount you can get caps out after 263 seconds, which means the last recorded value in the timer must be 5:37. From this point onward, you will receive 100 sparks at the end of the match.

Please note that all of this was tested with 2 players (human or cpu). There seems to be a slight difference when using more players, though the variance is negligible. Depending on the computer we were using, we would either get 1 extra coin total or no difference at all, leading us to believe it might have to do with the computer’s processor (this is us just guessing, we really have no idea). Another thing we noticed was that even with just 2 players we would sometimes get more sparks than we expected, and that would usually happen when we were playing seriously and not just waiting while afk. This leads us to believe that it may have something to do with the maximum ball speed reached, but we’re not sure.

We tested various things and came up with multiple theories, such as getting 1 coin every 2,5 seconds, but this only held up for the initial values. After some trial and error we decided it would be best just to make a graph and accompanying equation in order to get the values.

Lethal League Blaze - Economics Guide

The accompanying equation of the linear parth of the function is given by: s(x) = 0.2856*t + 24.3931
where s stands for sparks and t for time. Therefore, in order to determine how many sparks you will get you just have to substitute the t with the amount of the time the match last for e.g. 105 seconds. Again this only works for values between 55 and 263 seconds. If you get decimal values just round up if the decimal value is >=0.5 and down if it’s <0.5.

These values may, once again, vary slightly based on your computer and other factors.

What’s the Fastest Way to Get Sparks?

Finally, the question you have all been waiting for. We aren’t taking into account leveling up which gives you a boost of 80 sparks.

Technically, the fastest way to get sparks is just restarting a match over and over after 55 seconds have passed. That’s because you could wait 263 seconds to get the 100 sparks or 55+55+55 for three matches and get 120. Even when accounting for how long it takes to restart a game, you would have to take more than 2 minutes restarting the 3 games in order for the other way to be viable, and even then, it wouldn’t.

( Unless you are at a low level. In that case, it might be, since you receive more exp (only online though) depending on how long the match lasts for, meaning you will level up faster and receive the 80 sparks. We believe you receive 100 exp per minute, so about 1.67 per second, but we haven’t tested that out. Feel free to do so, or maybe we will at some point. (: ).

Anyway, our method for getting sparks the fastest is as follows:

  • Get a friend;
  • Make a lobby;
  • Set timer to 1 minute;
  • Wait for time to run out;
  • Keep repeating matches to get the sparks (42 sparks per match) and exp.

If you don’t have friends (you can’t get exp):

  • Go into versus;
  • Select free-for-all;
  • Add 3 cpus at level 1;
  • Leave HP on and add the maximum amount of stocks;
  • Set the timer to 1 minute;
  • Leave the match on as you do something else;
  • Come back and restart the match as many times as you want;
  • Profit.

We add 3 cpus and max stocks in order for them not to kill each other and make sure the match doesn’t end early. Again, you might want to consider waiting the 263 seconds if you are at a low level (again, only with a friend, or you won’t get the exp), but otherwise, this works really well.

Written by CookingTiger

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