PAYDAY 2 – Washington DC Heist Secret Room Puzzle

Payday 2 – Washington DC Heist Secret Room Puzzle!

Key & Mechanism


  • All achievements shown on Obsidian Tablet.
  • Players without the achievements must leave until painting glows.
  • Not soloable.
  • Piano puzzle required.
  • No specific mask arrangement.
  • No specific heister arrangement.
  • Must be Overkill or above.

Entering the mine shaft:

Before you enter the mine shaft you have do some stuff on “P.E.O.C”.
Stage are these:

  • Step down to conferance room and see this painting. And remove it!
    **You can’t do this without 4 people+LOUD but only HOST needs to have All obsidian Achievements.

PAYDAY 2 - Washington DC Heist Secret Room Puzzle

  • Next you need to C4 the wall after go to elevator go straight down to mine shaft and you will see a glowing weird gate thing! 

PAYDAY 2 - Washington DC Heist Secret Room Puzzle

What is Gate? And Key? (Riddles)

1st Ring of the Gate is riddles how you can read and determine which Riddle you are going to follow.


  • Front-right lever moves the outside and middle rings.
  • Back-left lever moves the inside and middle rings.
  • Back-right lever moves the middle ring.
  • Front-left lever confirms your answer.

There are four riddles in total. If your answer is wrong, you go back one riddle.

This right here is called Decipher.

PAYDAY 2 - Washington DC Heist Secret Room Puzzle


  1. In the temple of gold and white, I bind myself to my psyche FOREVER.
  2. The legacy of Alessandro Cagliostro calls to the eastern STAR.
  3. I am trusted to guard the great wealth of the land, but do not trust my WORDS.
  4. Twins exchange a breath, the third sibling is banished until it RETURNS.
  5. I am the bearer of the greatest gifts, I give what you seek THE MOST.
  6. Upon the terrace of riches and wealth, I hold what all who behold me DESIRE.
  7. Among old recovered things, four couples are eternally locked in their LOVE.
  8. At the gates of silent memory, the lizard god speaks thy NUMBER.
  9. I must face two to ascend, lest I meet my final journey in this CHALLENGE.
  10. In the sand-covered lands of the pharaohs, I am followed by the missing LIGHT.
  11. I stand in front of the humble man on the wicked path as a COMPANION.
  12. With my companions wisdom and ferocity that which i fly over that is my LAND.
  13. That of the watcher which will be consuned in the voice of SUMER….

Obsidian Plate & Piano

All Obsidian Achievement’s

  1. Jewelry Store Job – Diamonds are Forever 
  2. Any Bank Job – A Good Haul 
  3. Shadow Raid – I Will Pass Through Walls 
  4. GO Bank – All Eggs in One Basket 
  5. Diamond Store – Hostage Situation 
  6. Any Armored Transport – But Wait – There’s More 
  7. Train Heist – We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat 
  8. Mallcrasher – Self Checkout 
  9. Four Stores – Platinum Card (Or: “Yeah, He’s a Gold Digger”) 
  10. White Xmas – What’s in the Box? 
  11. Ukrainian Job – Let’s do th… 
  12. Meltdown – They Don’t Pay Us Enough 
  13. Aftershock – Bring It Back Safe 
  14. Nightclub – Let Them Boogie 
  15. Stealing XMas – The Grinch 
  16. Watchdogs – Out of bounds 
  17. Firestarter – Lord of War 
  18. Rats – Full Measure 
  19. Big Oil – Doctor Fantastic 
  20. Framing Frame – I Wasn’t Even There! 
  21. Election Day – I’m A Swinger 
  22. Big Bank – Don’t bring the Heat 
  23. Hotline Miami – Walk Faster 
  24. Hoxton Breakout – Watch The Power Switch! 
  25. Hoxton Revenge – Silent But Deadly 
  26. The Diamond – Cat Burglar 
  27. Golden Grin – High Roller 
  28. Bomb: Dockyard – I’ve got the Power 
  29. Bomb: Forest – Pump It Up 
  30. Scarface Mansion – Settling a Scar 
  31. The Alesso Heist – Sound of Silence 
  32. Counterfeit – Dr. Evil 
  33. First World Bank – OVERDRILL 
  34. Murky Station – The Pacifist 
  35. Boiling Point – Remember, No Russian 
  36. Goat Simulator – Hazzard County 
  37. Santa’s Workshop – Santa Slays Slackers 
  38. Car Shop – Gone in 240 seconds 
  39. Biker Heist – Full Throttle 
  40. Panic Room – Quick Draw 
  41. Brooklyn 10-10 – A Rendezvous With Destiny 
  42. Yacht Heist – Pacifish 
  43. Undercover – Not Even Once 
  44. Slaughterhouse – Making a Statement 
  45. Beneath the Mountain – Clean House 
  46. Birth of Sky – 1…2…3… JUMP! 
  47. Heat Street – It’s Nice To Be Nice 
  48. Green Bridge – Attacked Helicopter 
  49. Alaskan Deal – The Fuel Must Flow 
  50. Diamond Heist – Blood Diamond 
  51. Reservoir Dogs – Waste Not, Want Not 
  52. Brooklyn Bank Job – All the Gold in Brooklyn 
  53. Breakin’ Feds – Stalker 
  54. Henry’s Rock – Hack This! 
  55. Shacklethorne Auction – Press [F] to pay Respect 
  56. Hell’s Island – Beacon of.. nope 
  57. No Mercy – Keeping the Cool 

Obsidian Plate

To being able to remove and interact with painting you need to make your “SAFE HOUSE” Obsidian plate like this!

You need to collect every single items (secret box, medallion, the diamond and obsidian plate). After that you will assemble every parts in safe house! (it will look like this).

PAYDAY 2 - Washington DC Heist Secret Room Puzzle

After that you can interact with plate yet again!

Last thing on puzzle. You need to play a song on piano, in that correct order. After that your game will save, and give you achievement sound after that you can go and claim your prize 🙂

PAYDAY 2 - Washington DC Heist Secret Room Puzzle

Perfect you have all achievements!

It will look like this, you are ready to go!

PAYDAY 2 - Washington DC Heist Secret Room Puzzle

Written by Yanoeee

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