Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Bhopping Guide (Simple and Easy)

Welcome Gamers to my simple and easy guide to Bhopping.

The Rise and Fall of Bhopping

Back in 2004 the Counter-Strike: Source was released and a player by the name of Phoon was playing the game. This player was praised by many including me but also hated by others, the reason for that is this player Bhoped like a god, who knows it could have been scripts running in the game or simply put in lots of effort and time to bhopping.

Phoon Video

Now to the real reason your here.


In Bhopping its best to start with a flat and long map or any sort of map that you prefer to practice on.

Step 1: Most important rule in bhopping is to bind your +jump command to any key you prefer to use, Most common key to bind +jump to is the Mouse Wheel up or down using this command in your consol. bind “mwheelup” +jump or bind “mwheeldown” +jump

Step 2: Start running in a straight line with your W key

Step 3: Jump while using your A or D key and sliding your mouse to the direction you want to go. Repeat this step to get a grip of the basic. A is to go left and D is to go right.

Step 4: Once you jump in the air let go of your W key and use your mouse and A or D key to strafe in the direction you want to go. Repeat this over and over to get use to the feeling of using A or D key without holding down the W key

Step 5: If you got the steps right then as you hit the floor again jump again using the key you binded +jump to and strafe to the next direction you want to go, For example if you go right (D) the on the first jump then I suggest going left (A) without holding the W key. If this does not work well for you then try going left on the first jump. Repeat these steps over and practice to get a grip on the movement.

Practice makes perfect.

If these steps aren’t helping at all then I suggest checking out Nadekings video on bhopping.
I hope I did help you out a bit and I hope you found this guide useful in some way.

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