X4: Foundations – Crystal Mining Guide

This is a short and direct guide to making early money by crystal mining.

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Crystal Mining for Credits

  • Head to Argon Prime.
  • Explore out the snake like asteroid field in the system (noted in red hexagons on the map).
  • Start at one end and focus on the asteroids.
  • Notice on some asteroids a bright twinkle? Head towards these twinkles directly.
  • Shoot directly at the crystal with your primary weapon when in range.
    (Best not to use ammo based weapons so you gain the most profit of this venture. Weapons like; Torpedos and Missiles)
  • Pick up the crystals by holding down the key that activates the device used to pull free floating items into your ships hold.

Crystal Types

  • Purple (Bandannite) – most common, least valuable (850cr – 1,150cr).
  • Blue (Menelaene) – common, a lot more valuable than purple crystals (8,500cr – 11,500cr).
  • Green-Yellow (Aguilite) – uncommon, a little more valuable than blue crystals (17,000cr – 23,000cr).
  • Orange (Mitonene) – rare, a lot more valauble than green-yellow crystals (25,555cr – 34,500cr).
  • White (Burnite) – very rare, extremely valuable and worth way more than orange crystals (200,000cr – 300,000cr).

Assuming you got a pile of different crystals? Sell the crystals to a trader but make sure to pick the right one, otherwise you could lose millions in credits selling to the wrong trader! Always check your prices when selling.

It is a time consuming task finding and extracting the crystals but it is well worth it early on for quick credits.

Note: There is an achievement tied to this means of making money (Called: “Miner’s Luck”). By mining Burnite crystals you complete the achievement for mining the most valuable crystals in the game.

You can mine these crystals in other systems with asteroid fields, but once you got a feel for mining crystals in the Argon prime system where it is safe? You can move on to other systems all the way to the most dangerous systems like Faulty Logic and Aliya’s Misfortune.

Written by Xautos

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