Quake Champions – Precise Medals (Farming in Bot TDM)

Precise medals can be farmed easily with a few specific locations in mind.

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Associated achievement:

  • Ballistic – Earn 25 Precise medals.

Preliminary information:

  • Steam achievements are unlocked via medals acquired from Quick Play, Ranked, and Arcade mode (medals earned in custom games do not count).
  • Make a long distance kill with a direct rocket hit to acquire a Precise medal
    (splash damage does not count).

How to farm:

  • Find a location where bots cluster together and stand still. 
  • Spam rockets from distance.
  • Profit.




The guide is only deemed viable until the developers make any changes to the game, which can potentially make the trick significantly difficult, or impossible to execute in the future. Keep in mind that games in the state of being Early Access are more likely and frequently to be tweaked.

Potential scenarios that the developers can do to make the guide ineffective:

  • Break the game.
  • Remove Bot TDM.
  • Make any changes to the game mechanics.
  • Don’t allow medals or achievements to unlock in Bot TDM.
  • Make any changes to the way medals and achievements work and register.

Side note:

Bots’ skill levels and their maneuvers in accordance are solely determined by average Bot TDM ELO of players in a given server, either at the beginning of the match or during warmup (maybe during the matches as well, when new human players join/leave with different ELO).

If bots have very low skill level, ironically, this can potentially make it harder for you to get a kill with a direct rocket hit. In order to score the medal easily, they need to stand still. Bots need to have high enough difficulty/skill levels to readily attempt to pick up mega health, heavy armor, and powerups. In the process of acquiring them, they wait and stand still momentarily at the locations where these items spawn.

If you are alone in a server, presumably you want your ELO in Bot TDM to be high enough. To increase your ELO, simply win more matches, preferably in a row.

Written by Kutar FOX

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