Risk of Rain 2 – Altar of Gold, Gilded Coast and the Aurelionite

A guide that will talk about the Altar of Gold, what it is, the area it unlocks and the boss within.

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The Altar of Gold

The Altar of Gold is a golden version of the Chance Altar that costs a ludicrous (2k+) amount of gold to activate or purchase. Once it it purchased, a notification saying “A gold orb appears” will appear in the chat. This will unlock the Gold Portal once the Teleporter Event is completed. This will then lead to the Gilded Coast.

Gilded Coast

After going through the aforementioned Golden Portal, you are brought to the Gilded Coast – a green area that is filled with primarily stone golems, in contrast to the abundance of lemurians and imps in the other levels. A lot of gold is to be made here, and Stone Titans, the boss version of the stone golems spawn as regular enemies. Dotted around the map are a number of “Obelisks” (not their real names) that cost over 700 gold to buy. These do not serve any purpose that has to do with the player, but rather with the boss – Aurelionite. After three of them are activated, this will then lead to the boss spawning.


The Aurelionite is the final boss of the Gilded Coast. In addition to an extreme health pool, and high damage resistance, he is also immune to damage until all obelisks have been activated. He is a reskinned Stone Titan.

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