Risk of Rain 2 – How to Restore Your Unlocks

There is a bug in the game when you lose all your progress and unlocked items and characters. But dont panic, here is the way how to get it back.

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How to Restore Your Unlocks

When you launch the game you found out you lost all your unlocks? Here is few easy steps how to get it back until developers fix this bug.

  • Go to …Steemuserdata144841958632360remoteUserProfiles There will be two XML files.

  • Look at the date of change. We need a oldest one.Open it with Notepad or whatewer you want. This file contain all your statistic but game ignore it for some reason.
  • Scroll to bottom. You’ll see something like this if you opened the correct file.

  • You need to copy all content of this file and overwrite content in other file with it. Other file was created by the game when you recognized all your progress been lost. And the game currently use it for saving progress.

Dont forget to save changes.
You can delete not relevant doc so as not to get confused in the files if the bug reappears.

Written by oLEHG

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