Mortal Kombat 11 – Easy Koin / Soul Farming Guide

An easy way to get Koins and Souls, no skill needed. (So that let’s not endure those stupid towers right now).

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  • Go to the option menu.
  • Set “Turn to Win” to 1.
  • Find another controller (optional).


  • Go to Fight.
  • Go to Local.
  • Pick your fastest killer for your main controller.
  • Use your another controller to pick anyone that you want to smash. Or pick an AI and set it to “very easy”.(if you don’t have another controller).
  • Throw and combo as much as you can when you fight your dummy 2p or “very easy” AI.
  • Each fight will end in one round and reward you for around 300 Koins + those from combo/throw + 10 souls + 1 heart if fatality. You can try to practice your skill a bit too. But, let’s focus on kill people fast to get koins here.
  • Rematch till you get bored.

Make it Auto?

If you have some knowledge of any 3rd party software like AutoIt or AutoHotkey, you can likely make the process above automatically. And go enjoy your life elsewhere for awhile. 😛
But that’s not allowed to discuss there.

So… let’s say you just close your eyes and keep push “forward” + your favorite punch buttons repeatedly. Everything will be fine and you will get all the Koins you want….

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