Bloons TD 6 – How to Get Big Bloons

The guide dedicated to teaching you how to unlock the secret ‘Bigger Bloons’ achievement + addon!

Introduction – What You’re Getting

In this guide i will be teaching you how to unlock a hidden achievement that was added in the recent 10.0 update.

This hidden achievement allows you to multiply the size of your bloons by 3!

Note: This is purely visual and provides no gameplay advantage or hitbox change.

Step #1: Acquire Ape

Step one requires you to unlock the hero ‘Pat Fusty’. As this achievement requires him.

Things to know about Pat Fusty:

  • He can be placed in water.
  • He is NOT a reliable tower for early game popping power.
  • He has a buffing ability, so you should place him next to valuable towers.

Pat Fusty on the map Haunted.

Bloons TD 6 - How to Get Big Bloons

Step #2: Monkey Around

Step two requires you to win 10 games with Pat Fusty on the map. You must place him down for the game to count and it must end in a victory.

Step #3: Check Achievements

On completion of 10 wins with Pat Fusty, a new achievement will show up in the achievement tab on the main menu (Pictured Below). By accepting it, you will unlock the ‘Big Bloons’ mode. Read on to find out how to equip this new mode.

Note: This achievement cannot be tracked, you must count the 10 games on your own as the achievement will not show in the list until completion.

Bloons TD 6 - How to Get Big Bloons
Bloons TD 6 - How to Get Big Bloons

Step #4: Turning It On

On accepting this achievement a new option will pop up in the settings tab of the main menu named ‘Extras’, (Note: You cannot toggle this when inside a map) Turning on ‘Big Bloons’ mode in this screen will activate it.

Note: If you already owned ‘Double Cash Mode’ you would of already had this new button for ‘Extras’

Bloons TD 6 - How to Get Big Bloons
Bloons TD 6 - How to Get Big Bloons

Step #5: Enjoy the Thiccness!

These balloons are Mighty Thicc and provide an enjoyable change to the normal game, try it for a while and then switch back to normal, you will feel like the balloons are tiny!

Bloons TD 6 - How to Get Big Bloons

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