PUBG – Guide for Airdrops

This guide will tell you some basic stuff about Airdrops in the Last Man Standing – Game: PUBG.

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What Do You Do, if You See an Airdrop?

So first of all: Airdrops are not the key to win. You can definitly win without an Airdrop.
If you see an Airdrop, don’t run out of your spot as fast as you can. You will probably not survive and get shot in the back within two seconds m8.

If you are able to get to a position where you can snipe people going to the airdrop to get the loot, you will have some easy kills. And if not, better just get some distance to the dropped box, or dumb people that are running to the airdrop will see you.

Sometimes, the plain drops two boxes, so you can look if one of them lands right at your spot. If so, you are lucky! 🙂

But never risk your life for an airdrop, it’s not worth it because even with the best equipment, you can still get shot from the back…

What Can You Find in an Airdrop?

This is a list of all the items you can get from an Airdrop.


  • Ghillie-Suit – camoflages you in the gras.
  • x15 Scope – good for Sniper or AR.
  • Adrenaline-Syringe – gives some health regeneration.
  • Med-Kit – Regenerates all your health in 10 seconds.


  • M249 – a heavy machinegun which is very good on mid range. Shoots fast, high damage 😀 …
  • Tommy Gun – also some kind of heavy weapon which deals good damage.
  • M24 – a Sniper rifle [often with a scope in one airdrop] which deals second highest damage.
  • AWM – comparable with AWP –> Highest damage, Headshot insant kill even with helmet level 3.
  • SKS – A Sniper you can also find in the whole map, but not bad.
  • Kar98k – Same as the SKS, it just shoots slower and makes more damage. 

Written by Geile Faffa!

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