HELLDIVERS – How to Use Distractor Beacon

In the game, I met a lot of players who did not know how to use distractor beacon. Misuse of beacons not only does not work as beacons, but can also cause unnecessary trouble, so I would like to use this guide to explain how beacons work and how they should be used.

Basic Introduction

Sends powerful shockwaves into the ground attracting patrols several hundred meters away. This piece of equipment is to be used as a diversion.

Armory Description

HELLDIVERS - How to Use Distractor Beacon
HELLDIVERS - How to Use Distractor Beacon

Brush the Enemy’s Mechanism

Both regular troops (such as dogs, scouts, and tanks) and reinforcements have an upper limit on their number in a given area. Once the upper limit is reached, even if the alarm is triggered again, as long as the former/latter are not reduced, there will be no new ordinary troops/reinforcements. In my experience, this area is roughly a circle with the player as the center of the circle and the radius as the length of a square on the map. In addition, every time an alarm is triggered, reinforcements are replenished until the maximum number is reached.

By using this, we can attract scouts or tanks by dropping beacons, so that the number of ordinary troops in a certain area can reach the upper limit in a certain period of time, so that there will be almost no ordinary troops in the defensive area, and the state of low alert, thus greatly reducing the pressure of the defense.


Depending on the game’s mechanism, you can also deliberately set off alarms near defensive positions in advance, and use static field conductors to keep reinforcements at a certain distance from defensive positions, reducing the pressure on defense.

HELLDIVERS - How to Use Distractor Beacon
HELLDIVERS - How to Use Distractor Beacon

Reinforcements due to hate on me, didn’t attack the launch platform, but constantly move forward toward me, and I play the residual airborne tanks was suddenly at this moment, just stuck in a good position, blocking Hulks and Warlords, plus static field conductors, they failed to within the time limit circle to reach the other side of the tank, so as to keep down the launch platform, a fairly good luck!

In addition, the game also has a mechanic that constantly draws regular troops in the direction the player is going.

Using the above two mechanisms, we can stay away from brush the reinforcements, using new brush brush the regular forces trigger alert new reinforcements, cap on the number of before a reinforcements decreases, which disguised a reduction in the number of the original reinforcements, and then return to the original brush the reinforcements, will find that the original reinforcements have disappeared or don’t have much left, defensive pressure will reduce a lot.

Simply put, we can brush off reinforcements in the vicinity of a defensive area by going around in circles, with a distance of about one square on the map.

Misunderstanding of Beacons

  • Duration: beacons have a duration, after which time or if they are destroyed, they become ineffective.
  • Effective range: the effective range of a beacon is probably a circular area with the length of one and a half squares on the map as the radius.
  • Timing of delivery: the purpose of using beacons is to attract scouts or tanks in a certain area by using the role of beacon to attract the enemy, so as to avoid being detected to trigger the alarm. Therefore, it is useless to release the beacon after triggering the alarm.
  • Applicable scenario: obviously, it doesn’t apply to retaliatory strike,because it can only be used to attract enemies.

Use of Beacon Points

  • Position: from the defensive position about square length on the map, too close the effect is not good, too far has no effect.
  • Requirements: plan the route to avoid passing through the beacon area again, pay more attention to the map to avoid the scout or tank(red circle) that is not attracted by the Beacon, but also to determine whether the beacon is still effective through the yellow diffusion circle on the map.

Other Tips

In the mission with destruction tasks, “Hellbomb” can also be used as a small beacon,and it can also attract dogs, which the beacon can not do. Therefore, call more “Hellbomb” can achieve better results. Because scouts or dogs are inefficient to destroy bombs, they will waste a lot of time,and won’t notice you. In addition, if you only destroy tank tracks, and throw a “Hellbomb” on the edge of the tank, it will be attracted by the bomb that it can’t destroy and will not aim at players.

HELLDIVERS - How to Use Distractor Beacon

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