Barotrauma – Stealth Traitor Guide

How to kill anyone you want and get away with it… and more!

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Murder Strats

The main stealth murder method has two parts that can be interchanged but it basically goes

The Stun

  • Use a stun baton (louder, but not as much in the water).
  • Use a chloral hydrate syringe (makes them fall over). 

The Kill

  • Put a diving mask with welding fuel over their face (kills them in 5 seconds).
  • If they are in a diving suit but not in high pressure water.
  • Replace the oxygen in their diving suit with welding fuel.
  • If they are in a diving suit and in water.
  • Take the diving suit off (they die in 3 seconds).

Bonus Strats

  • After stunning and killing someone in the open ocean, take their id and now you can kill but people won’t know its you killing if you don’t act suspicious (Players are really gullible and don’t pay attention to people suddenly not talking at all).
  • (Not stealthy): handcuff someone, wait for them to be unstunned and then drag them underwater and taunt kill them.


Non Lethal

Easy to cause power issues, and hard to fix.

Take a screwdriver, and on electrical boxes, move the wires that are powering stuff to the “signal” wires, this allows you to make the ship unpowered and nobody will notice that the boxes are not connected to the other electrical boxes because they just look at the objects wires to see if they are connected.

Slilghtly harder to cause and nearly IMPOSSIBLE to fix power issues.

Take all the fuel rods and put them into a toolbox to hide them all, or drop them all in the ballast or into a locker where nobody will look and now the ship can’t move.


For all the diving suits on the ship, equip each one of them, take the oxygen tank out, and put the diving suit back. Keep doing this, and hide the oxygen tanks somewhere where most of the players don’t go. After taking all the oxygen tanks out, take the rest of the oxygen tanks. With the combo of the power going out, all the oxygen on the ship will run out, and everyone else will die from oxygen deprovation , and if you did it right, nobody will know you did it.

Bonus, put welding fuel into the diving suits that you put back onto the shelves and watch people fall over dead when they try and wear a diving suit

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