Barotrauma – A Farmer’s Guide to Crashing the Stock Market

In this guide I will teach you a little technique on how to make every outpost’s pocket’s run dry.

Crashing Stock Market Guide

Introduction to Stock Market Crashing

A run down on how to rob outposts of their money:

The first thing you need to know is what farming is, how to farm, some efficient farming techniques (that I’ve found at least, it may not be the most effective,) and finally, how to become the richest Gardener on Europa!

What is Farming?

Farming is a somewhat new feature (at least at the time of making this guide) that is exactly as it sounds, put down a plant pot, put a seed in it, and water it every once in a while.

So first, you need a plant pot, you can find them either from outposts, or in wrecked subs, and probably other places that have loot, except for alien ruins of course.

Second, you need a seed. There are a variety of seeds in the game, 4 to be exact.

The fruits that the plants grow can all be deconstructed, and all but the Salt Bulb deconstruct in the same thing, which is Carbon and the seed of said fruit, I will list all 4 of the seeds and their lethality (how dangerous they are to grow.)

  1. Salt Bulb

Salt Bulbs are only used for being scrapped (other than selling of course, which applies to all fruits,) which turns into Sodium, a crafting material. This is a dangerous plant to grow because when it comes into contact with water, it will make an explosion, causing burns and temporary stun, the more Salt Bulb’s there are, the longer the stun and the more lethal the burns.

  1. Pomegrenade

As the name implies, its kind of like a grenade, when the Pomegrenade plant spits out a Pomegrenade, it will fall to the ground like usual, but there is a slight chance that instead of it staying on the ground, it will burst into flames, starting a small fire, so if you plan on growing this, make sure it’s near a fire extinguisher, and be at stand by, as the fire will grow fast.

Pomegrenades have one main use, to make a medicine called Pomegrenade Extract, it can be crafted in a Medical Fabricator only using 5 Pomegrenades and requires a relatively low medical skill to Construct. Pomegrenade Extract can also be sold, but its main purpose is used as healing, it can heal basic injuries such as blunt force trauma, burns, deep tissue injuries, etc., but it only heals such a low amount, Pomegrenades are not worth growing.

Some fruits have a chance to be mutated, and have different effects, Mutated Pomegrenade is pretty simple, it cannot be used to craft anything but when you throw it, it has a chance to explode… like a grenade.

  1. Raptor Bane

Raptor Bane can be crafted into Raptor Bane Extract, which can be used as a lethal poison against Mudraptors, if used on a human though, they will only get dizzy, not entirely sure what other effects it has on humans though.

Similar to Pomegrenades, Raptor Bane also has a mutated variety, sadly, it has no use, it cannot be crafted but can be deconstructed into carbon and its seed.

  1. Tobacco Bud

Tobacco is the only reason I’m making this guide, It’s harmless to grow, and takes the slowest to die out (will talk about watering in the next chapter)

Tobacco Buds can be used to craft Tobacco, which takes 3 of its fruit, which also needs, and will give helm when crafted.

Tobacco is fuel for a captains pipe, a captains pipe is used for getting rid of psychosis, as it gives psychosis resistance, and thankfully, no lung cancer.

How to Take Care of Your Plants Like My Mother Didn’t Do to Me

Now before I talk about how to crash the stock you have to know how to take care of your plants (unless you want to skip straight to it assuming you know how to take care of plants, which is perfectly fine.).

Third, you need to know how to water your plants, it’s pretty easy, all you need is a watering can, which you can also get from wrecked subs and outposts. Using it is like using any other tool, it will dispense water from the end of it drooping down in lots of tiny droplets, if those droplets fall into the plant pot that has a seed in it, it will show a water bar, if that bar reaches 0, your plant dies and it will shrivel up and you have to uproot it, so whenever you pass by your plant, give it a little watering, also, watering cans have infinite water, so you don’t have to get more.

Another way you can take care of your plant is to give it fertilizer, fertilizer can be found in blah blah blah outposts and crap. Fertilizer when used on a pot with a seed, uses only 50 percent of it, so fertilizer has 2 uses. Fertilizer, as you expect, speeds up the process of spitting out fruits.

The most important part of taking care of your plant, don’t let it consume salty Europan waters, as, when your plant is in said water, it will be drained of its water, so, have a pump nearby and patch up any leaks in your gardening room.

Plants constantly drain water, but at slower rates depending on the plant, this is the order of slowest to fastest water draining.

  1. Tobacco Bud
  2. Salt Vine
  3. Pomegrenade
  4. Raptor Bane

How to Crash the Stock Market

For all you new gardeners out there, congrats on making it this far, you have been enlightened on the basics of gardening. Now, lets get to the juicy part.

First, you will need a lot of space, without much devices, or things on the walls, like junction boxes, suit lockers, lockers, or emergency supply lockers, as, all the branches from the plant will obstruct that, which will not be in your favor, pumps on the floor, are relatively fine.

Now, you may be thinking: “Oh plants don’t take up that much space on the walls.” And you’re right! However, this next step is how that will change.

Next step: get a bunch of plant pots, and I mean lots of them, or at least, as much as your Gardening Room will hold.


Get all the tobacco seeds you can get, if you care about your money for the moment, then get a little amount, 1 at the minimum. Then place down a pot, then place another one, but place as you may notice when you place a pot, it moves in little studs, like one every inch, so, hover over the place you put your first pot, then move over 2 spaces or more, make sure they are touching, the place, then place, then place, until it goes from the start to the end of your Gardening Room. Now, from here, its your choice if you want to place more pots, if so, then do the same thing, except floating above your pots, that’s right, your plant pots can FLOAT, which we can use to make more space by placing them in the air.

From there, place all your seeds in your pots, if you still need seeds to place in your pots, wait until it grows a tobacco bud, then deconstruct it, you will get carbon and a seed, so plant that seed, wait for it to grow, deconstruct its bud, rinse and repeat until your pots are all full.

A tip when placing pots in the air: make sure they aren’t too high so you can still water them.

Now, fertilizer isn’t required, actually, it isn’t really that important, you have so many tobacco plants, that you might as well sit there and watch the buds fly out.


Your farm should look a little something like this:

If so, great! You’re doing it right! I usually have a duffel bag of our suicidal engineer or just a crate/storage container to store the buds into and then bring it up into the outpost and sell it.


Hey, you made it! Soon, you will now be the richest Gardener on Europa.

Usually you will still have buds left over in your storage container because of how little money outposts have, or how much buds you have.

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