Risk of Rain 2 – How to Change Character and Item Names

This guide will basically show you how to edit the names of character, character descriptions, items, item descriptions, and more.

How to Edit the Names

Basically, go to …SteamsteamappscommonRisk of Rain 2Risk of Rain 2_DataLanguageen in which then you will find a few .txt files in which you can freely edit with.

I recommend only editing characterbodies.txt, which are the character names, description, abilities and ability names. For item and description.txt, i advise changing the description of items and equipments into more detailed versions.

You can find a guide on how to get detailed item and equipment descriptions in the guides section.

Feel free to explore around and see what you can edit or change, however, i do not rlly know what would happen if you were to delete or change certain things in these .txt files, if you dont know what the .txt files do, do not edit or change anything then.

Risk of Rain 2  - How to Change Character and Item Names

Personally, i have only changed the character names and item names, i also changed my item and equipment into a more detailed explaination. I am not responsible if you ♥ up and delete certain files that make the game broken.

That concludes the end of this guide and i wish you luck in editing .txt files.

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