WolfQuest – How to Kill a Bull Elk (For Beginners)

Ever wanted to kill a bull elk without your Pack? Well, now you can! This guide will help you kill that pesky bull elk without help from your friends!

Finding The Bull Elk

WolfQuest - How to Kill a Bull Elk (For Beginners)

Before you actually kill the bull elk, you’re going to need to know where to find its herd. If you press M, a map should pop up. There should be red circles on said map. These red circles mark elk hunting zones, where an elk herd will spawn. If you walk into the middle of the Hunting Zone, you will soon find the herd. You can also locate elk herds by looking at the sky. A murder of crows in the sky will mean there is an elk herd in that general area!

Preparing For The Hunt

WolfQuest - How to Kill a Bull Elk (For Beginners)

But you’re not ready to attack the bull elk yet. First, you’ll need to kill at least two cow elk, so you *hopefully* don’t die while you’re trying to hunt. You should try to kill these cow elk near their herd/the bull elk, otherwise, they’ll be useless to you.

Hunting The Bull

WolfQuest - How to Kill a Bull Elk (For Beginners)

Now that you’ve found the herd and have at least 2 cow elk carcasses near the bull, you can kill it!

The bull will hit you 3 times before killing you. Give it 4 bites back, but be ready to back away before it hits you the fourth time! This is when you’ll need those carcasses!

Repeat until the bull elk starts running, then chase it like you would a cow elk. When it turns around and fights, this is known as the ‘Showdown’. You will need to give the bull 4 bites again, and repeat until it’s dead.

WolfQuest - How to Kill a Bull Elk (For Beginners)

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