Oxygen Not Included – Controlled Water Recycling

Recycle your water in a three step system. Remove germs without using much power.

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Finished System

You will need an airtight area filled with chlorine gas. Chlorine gas will kill germs in reservoirs which is rather useful for creating any kind of liquid cleansing system such as this.

(Build it in an area with preexisting chlorine to prevent other gasses from entering the area).

Once you have your airtight area and its filled with gas construct 3 layers of reservoirs. You will chain then together and each layer will perform any one given step of the cleaning cycle.Reservoir filling, water de-germing, and Reservoir emptying. This means the system is always accepting new water and should always be outputting clean water.

The power required for this system is rather minimal. The only thing necessary is the 6 shutoff valves. The doors I added purely so I could tell which reservoir was being used.

Oxygen Not Included - Controlled Water Recycling

The most important and complicated part of this system is managing which of the 3 reservoirs is currently in what state (and its not that complex once you set it up). For this I am using a pulse generated by a buffer(set to the minimum), XOR, and a switch. Whenever I toggle the switch, regardless of it going on or off, it emits a pulse to update the next set of gates.

Oxygen Not Included - Controlled Water Recycling

The set of gates controlling the reservoir states.

(Note: There is a switch between the top two gates. It is very important that you turn this switch on once without using the main switch, this sets the initial state of the system. Once it has been turned on once you may deconstruct it as it wont be of use anymore).

Oxygen Not Included - Controlled Water Recycling

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