Hunt: Showdown – How to Get Better with a Few Tricks

A guide for the basics. Nothing too fancy here. I’m saving my own tricks so I can keep one step ahead of all of y’all. Enjoy reading my bad spelling and grammar. Because I didn’t care enough to go through and edit this thing.

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Understanding Basic Gameplay Planning

Now the first step to becoming good at anything is understanding fundamentals and the common sense of the game. I’ll give you a quick bullet list of some of those basics and go into more detail further down.

  • Not panicking when you get shot.
  • Handling a moment of chaos.
  • What to do if your partner goes down.
  • How to plan an ambush.
  • How to plan an attack.
  • Basic team-work strategies.
  • Repositioning.
  • Figuring out your play style.
  • Basic defensive strategies.
  • Having the drop and how not to screw it up.

Not Panicking when you get shot

Well first things first, when you get shot at (assuming you don’t get the bullet in your head). The absolute worst thing for you to do is to panic. I see this way too much. From enemies I shot at, and from my own partners as well. You will have a much better chance of living and rescuing your friend if you calm down and think.

Where you get shot from should determine you course of action. If you get shot from about 50 meters. You should find the nearest source of cover. Then when your in cover, figure out where you were shot from (should be fairly obvious). Then see if you can flank around or if you want, simply fight back. If your in close quarters combat (0- 30 meters). You won’t always have time to seek cover. But don’t panic shoot at him right away. Taking that extra 0.01 second to adjust your aim to either hit him the head (rifles) or center your iron sight with his center mass (shotgun) could make all the difference if you kill him, or he kills you. If you can find cover in close combat. You should take to that cover.

Obviously those are just the most basic situations. Understand that when you get shot at the most important thing is just to keep calm, find cover, and develop your split second thinking abilities to come up with ways to turn the tables and give yourself an advantage. Whether it may be clever use of tools and consumables, raw aiming abilities, crystal clear planning between you and your partner, or even just using the environment and AI against your opponent. You will eventually be able to develop your own strategies and ways to counter people who had the drop on you.

Handling a moment of chaos

Now in this game not every engagement is going to be a simple 2v2 fight; many things can happen. What if another team rolls up, or the entire army of grunts,hives, armors, etc join in? What if explosions are going around you and your being shot at many different directions? These moments will happen to you.

Joining in on that chaos and wildly flicking your mouse everywhere thinking your an immortal god and you won’t be chased down by that pack of grunts while two people with avtomats pushing you won’t kill you. Isn’t the best idea for your survival. Trying to avoid it all together while your already in it won’t do much either. You have some options, here is just a few of many.

  • Find a good hiding spot.
  • Find different spots where is AI free and you can move between those spots to reposition in combat.
  • Take out the most imminent threats first.
  • Calm down and think of a way to come out on top.

A few basic rules of handling hell when it breaks lose:

  • Don’t be in the eye of the storm.
  • Take out the threats that are the most imminent (about to effect you).
  • Do not panic or think your a god.
  • Don’t be nut to butt with your partner, he should be about 5 meters away from you, so a hunter with a shotgun (or explosion) won’t kill you both with 1 shot.

Each moment will be different and as I said before earlier and I will keep saying throughout this guide. Do not panic. Have a plan before it happens and have a plan as it is happening. The worst thing you can do is go into a frenzy and wildly shoot at every living ( and dead ) creature in your sight line.

What to do if your partner goes down

We all had that the moment when you hear a gunshot and then you hear your partner’s lifeless body smack into the earth. Usually you have an instinct to run away, to think that by turning around while your exposed in an open field and trying to 1v2 them is a great idea, or to give up and crawl into a grave with him (happens more often than you think).

First thing is first, before I even discuss anything else. Never leave your partner and run for an extraction. It is both insulting and a very cowardly attack. If you can’t stop him from being burned and becoming a BBQ. You owe it to him to avenge him by killing those bastards who cooked him.

Now that little rant is over. Lets discuss what you should do for your survival and his as well. When your partner goes down it is essential that you even the odds as soon as possible. Whether it be your position, your firepower, or your superior strategy. You shouldn’t run at them from an open field. But avoid flanking at getting close to then all together. Say if you ran into a building for your cover. You can always sneak out the back door and work your way to their position from an angle they won’t be expecting.

Say your getting rushed by shotguns. My advice here would be you better be in a good corner or behind a pillar where they will rush past you or not notice you and you can return the favor from behind. Maybe set up some traps that will alert you if they are coming from a certain area. The main thing to prevent shotgun rushes though, is to listen for footsteps at all times and always expect the unexpected. Your main weapon in a shotgun rush, is to know it is coming in the first place. Sometimes you might be busy fighting another team, a good way to prevent a flank is to have one of you covering a potential flank route, while the other focuses on blasting your enemies.

How to plan an ambush

Your just strolling down the wood rot infested board walks so you won’t be violated by the water devils, when suddenly you hear crows behind you. You have about 30 seconds before they catch up. How should you handle an ambush plan? You have many options all depending on where it is going to be located, and the fire power you currently carry.

Shotguns – Set up in bushes that will obscure you and make sure that your within a range that they will actually be effective

Rifles – If possible, set up in a high vantage point that overlooks the path that you predict that they will be coming from

Explosives – Set up somewhere hidden, usually this is most effective when your partner will distract them and you can just toss the explosive behind them when they are focused on him (cook for 2.5 seconds).

Mixed (shotguns and rifles) – Have you or your partner (whoever has the shotgun or the most close ranged weaponry; cross bows, bomb lances, melees). Have him set up somewhere whether it be a tree line or in a small building ready to flank from behind or to take one out. He can be the distraction while you pick them off. Or you can take the first shot (hopefully a headshot) and he can come bursting out to get the other one.

When planning an ambush you should have a solid plan that you and your partner understand. Here is a little story of a great ambush me and my partner Darius managed to pull off.

At healing waters church I had a veterli while my partner had a shotgun ( I can’t remember which one). We heard crows coming from east and dogs barking from the west. I climbed up into the church tower and he went into the crypt. I called out to him that people were heading into the main gate enterance, and we made a split second plan to let one of them get the clue, I would headshot him, and that he would blow the other one away. It worked but those people from the west came in and open fired on him. He ran and got into cover, and I was covering him from the tower as best I could. Then I had the idea to throw blank fire decoys behind them. It worked and they turned around, as they did, my partner jumped out and blasting one of them. I then picked the other one off.

How to plan an attack

The bounty if being banished and you are outside the compound’s boss building. You don’t know if people are coming to join in or if its just you and the bounty boys going to be fighting it out. Either way, you’re going to storm the building or wait for them to come out. Which is the best choice? Lets discuss it.

You currently can either wait them out, storm the gates, or bombard the ♥♥♥ out of it with a combination of explosives, bullets, and whatever else throw the walls, windows, and any other hole or crack hoping to kill one or both of them.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.



  • Less likely you’ll be ♥♥♥ by shotguns.
  • Can watch the enterances and potentially get the first shot.
  • Less dangerous.
  • You know where they are (inside the room/building).


  • Another group can roll in and you can find yourself fighting multiple opponents.
  • Can turn into a mexican stand off real quick.
  • They can attempt and maybe succeed at sneaking out and running.
  • Its boring.

Storming The Gates


  • Fast.
  • If you have close range weaponry you should have an advantage.
  • Once you win, you can now set up defenses and defend the room from other groups.
  • Usually you can catch them by surprise if they are busy.


  • Enterences are potentially camped.
  • Very dangerous if they have close quarter weaponry.
  • If not planned well it can go to quickly.
  • Traps may be already set up, alerting them or harming you when you enter.

Summoning The Artillery To Blow Everything Up Inside


  • If successful you can just head right in and make it yours.
  • Can potentially kill or damage opponents.
  • Easy and safe.
  • Even if not effective you are still alive and have a gun.


  • Can be expensive.
  • Uses a lot of your consumables and tools up.
  • Loud, people will come running.
  • You may accidently miss and blow yourself up (I’ve seen it happen at least twice now).

How you depend on going about your assault is all up to peference or the situtation. If people are coming from all sides it may be in your best interest to take the gamble and try taking the compound for your defense. If you don’t care about waiting and don’t wanna go in then just wait. If you don’t wanna wait but don’t wanna take a big risk then just bombard the place. Its all up to you and your judgement. Just don’t sit in a corner 1000 meters away too scared to even try to stop them. Where is the fun in that?

Basic Team-work Strategies

Now when you get a random partner, sometimes it may be a little hard for you guys to communicate and plan together. Usually you guys just do your own thing but stick kinda close together just in case you become under siege. This little section will help you develop a way to communicate with him and give you a few tips and tricks to make you two stronger as a team.

A good trick you can use to begin to talk to your partner is just be friendly and say hi. Make a little bit of small talk, tell a few jokes, and maybe discuss the roles you guys are going to be play in the communist revolution. Either way simply just chatting with the guy/gal can go a long way, whether it be just fun, or maybe if you go down, they’ll just just a little harder to save your ♥♥♥ If you are a♥♥♥ to your partner they may not be so wanting to pick you back up, or even worse they might try to turn on you. So just try and be a friendly guy to him, it will make your game that much more enjoyable.

A few good strategies to have is knowing your positions and roles during a fire fight. Nothing is wrong if you both like rushing or sniping or a bit of anything. Just make sure you guys know it. Knowing your partner’s play style opens up many interesting chances. Say you are up on a ridge overlooking, and your partner rushing a building, your partner knows your going to be sniping so he can lure them out and give you a clean shot. Maybe your partner has a bunch of tools and consumables and knows how to use them. You guys can cordinate him throwing explosives from a tower or a high position, like an artillery strike, while you shoot at your opponents. There are endless possiblities once you know your partner’s play style.


This one is so simple but yet I see many people refuse to do it. Staying in one spot makes you predictable and easier to hit. If you change your position often during a fire fight, it makes you harder to track, shoot, or spot. It allows you to flank and it gives yourself a huge advantage if you manage to reposition and catch them off guard. Even if you don’t have the best aim, this little simple trick can shuffle the odds into your favor, almost every time. Just be smart about it, don’t reposition closer to an avtomat, nitro, or shotguns. Pay attention to the environment around you and use that for your maneuvering.

Figuring out your play style

Q. If I like playing a fast game, with constantly looking to pick every single fight. What does that mean?

A. You have a more aggressive playstyle

Q. I like stealthfully moving around the map making minimal noise, while on the constant look out to kill others when I have the advantage.

A. You have a Passive/Aggressive play style

Q. I like jerking off in the same bush every single game and it takes me 40 minutes to finish.

A. You are a filthy camper player

Q. I like taking up strategic positions, but im not afraid to change my position and move around the map, but in less obvious areas and path ways.

A. You are a stealthy mobile camper

Theres just a few basics, ofcourse each playstyle has many sub-playstyles to go along with it. Like if you prefer shotguns or rifles, it will change how you position and play the game for yourselves. Use these 4 as like choosing what interest you and expand into your own unique style from there.

Basic Gameplay

Basic Defensive Strategies

Are you tired of having a bad fortification that your forced to defend for 3 minutes? Well take a few notes and I will try and help you make it a little easier and less stressful to hold.

Each compound is different. You have the underground of healing waters-church which only has 1 main enterance and 1 armored door enterance. Very Very easy to defend if you don’t get cocky and watch the literal only way they can come from. However you have places like scupper lake. There are many windows and ways in they can bombard you with or rush you from.

A compound with a couple enterance(s) (1-2)

All you need to do with these easy ones is just have you and your partner watch both enterances. You can set up a few traps to make it even easier if you’ll like. Just be observant and ready to help each other. Keep a good distance for potential shotgun rushers or find a good corner to watch from

A compound with a few enterances (3-4)

If you can set up traps you brought with you on the less obvious ways in first. (Trip wires, contertina wire, bear traps, whatever you can find). Now why set up on the less obvious ways in? Well because you want to be watching the main enterance not those ones. If they try to sneak in they will be alerting you with the traps you set and you can kill them that way. Or if they try the main enterance you can just gun them down with your partner. If your resources are limited do not set up traps on glass windows. Because them jumping through will break the glass alerting you either way.

A compound with many enterances (5-10)

Set up your traps on one side of the compound. So you can watch the other half. If your backs are covered, all you need to do is watch your front and maybe your sides. If you randomly put traps everywhere. That allows them to be more unpredictable and allowing them to come through many enterances. Set your partner gaurding one side of the front, and you gaurding the other.

Having the Drop and not Screwing Up

We all had that moment when you see two people that did not see you. And your ready for the kill. But poor planning has led you to blow your upperhand and now its a fair fight. How do you avoid that from happening? Jot down these simple tricks.

  • Plan your shots with your partner.
  • Wait for a crystal clear shot (better not to take it if you can keep stalking them, then pot shotting and missing).
  • Set up an ambush or a distraction (Maybe have your pal snipe at them and you pull up behind them with a shotgun).
  • Not shooting right away, take a moment to aim your shot and account for bullet travel.
  • Do not shoot if they are about to disappear in bushes, a hill, or a compound. What you do is set up where you think they will come out and then open fire from a safe, unnoticable position.
  • Using your guns correctly (don’t snipe at them with a shotgun, i’ve seen it so many times) Use your scopes and engage them at a suitable difference.
  • Head shots are king. If your aim is not the best, then have you and your partner shoot the same guy to at least take one down.
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