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Mistover - Beginner Guide

Written by Hrist   /   Oct 11, 2019    

Essential knowledge to prevent failures in Mistover.

Gold Farm & Management

If you burn out your gold then it's practically game over for you. The first requests make you feel that the gold will keep rolling in easy but that's a no. As long as you stop doing request, gold is hard to come by. Eventually you will find it's hard just to sustain food since:

  • Not every request reward you gold.
  • There are requirement in crew level just to make the request appear in office.
  • Your crew lacks level and item for the next request / area.

Also it's possible to run out of gold and having your crew died, leaving you no other option than restarting over. Of course you can keep sending your crew to lower area to gather gold but doing so will advance the Doomsday Clock. To earn gold safely without advance the clock you have to follow these rule:

  • Make sure your crew level stay within the corresponding monster level in the area. Crew level above the monster level will ADVANCE the clock no matter what.
  • Bring minimal resource into the dungeon or bring nothing at all.
  • Fight as much as monster as you can, count them. Small dungeon you should kill at least 20 monster, 30 for Medium and 40 for Large Dungeons.
  • Light all the flowers and loot all chest, debris (not Obstacle)
  • If a crew member is dying you must escape. Losing half of the loot is better than losing a crew member.

It's quite tedious like this but at least it will keep the Clock from advancing.

To rewind the clock, the easiest way is to complete a small sized dungeon with an appropriate team corresponding with the monster's level. If you cleared the dungeon with all monster, all loot and debris the clock will rewind 3 ticks. The first dungeon of an area is always preferred.

This is from Defiled Cathedral first dungeon, it's short, easy to navigate, decent loot and cost nothing to clear. You also have a chance of rescuing a lv 5 member with a discounted price.

I have tested all three dungeon in the first area (misty forest) and the gold that you can net from them is around 2-3k for the small dungeon, 3-4k for the medium and around 5-6k gold in the large dungeon (not counting equipment values).

Defiled Cathedral first dungeon is the easiest farm spot available. I recommend farming there until you can afford the Lv3 Expand Recruitment in Support Lab.

Important: Killing a boss will reset your clock to the start.

Maneuvering in Dungeon & Efficiency

You will make it out alive or not is all depend how well you move around the Dungeon, when to take fights, which path to take or when to flee.

The key point are:

  • Move Diagonally as much as you could, whenever you can. It save foods, save time and save lives. Other than food efficiency, it also increase your vision by 1 square comparing to moving in straight line.
  • You should not be at full fullness all the time. Why?

  • First: If you are generating Hp when your HP is at full then you are basically wasting your fullness.
  • Second: the Hp lost when you walk without food can be recovered in combat.
  • Lastly, you should always save at least 1 spoiled food for abilities. When your party have man down or at their last breath, using abilities like Witch's Time Stop or Shadow Blade Invisibility can brought you out of the dungeon with the loot intact.

You should use food when your party HP is below a certain threshold (75%) or when you need to use a Character's abilities.

When to use Abilities. You should not use Paladin Break Obstacles all the time in dungeon. You should use Paladin ability when you can break more than once Obstacle or your HP is low (obviously). When you are at full HP and you still have fullness, break it by hand because it cost less food and your HP will regenerate anyway. In your party there should have at least one of the following character: Ronin, Witch, Shadow Blade. These character's abilities can help you avoid unwanted fights and get out of the dungeon alive. Ronin is super OP when it comes to food saving. Look at many step you can save with just 8 food. Beware that traps also stop Ronin.

Final point: It's worth to wait. This applies when you're near monster, you should always be the one who initiate the combat.

Team Composition & Combat

Like most of other game, your party should consist of damage dealer, healer and support.

For DD your choices are Ronin, Shadow Blade, Werewolf. Those three have the most damage multiplier from skill (200% at lv1).

Healer we only have one choice here.

The rest is mostly support, you should keep in mind that stuns and positioning skill is the most important factor. The support will complete your team, as a team 5 you should have at least 3 stuns, 2 heals and 1 positioning or 2-3 skill that can target the back row enemy. Ideally 2 or 3 DD, Sister, 1 or 2 support. Combo skill are welcomed but definitely not compulsory. Lastly you should let more than 2 of a same class in a party because it will hinders you in Dungeon and ultimately cause the expedition to fail.

Also, from the second area onward the enemies with have unnaturally high dodge. Onmyouji's Mental Amulet is the best way to deal with dodge since he can buff 25% HIT and Speed as well, have some speed item on Onmyouji so he will be the first to move in your team. Another alternative is Ronin but first you have to gather YP and to able to hit them first (Ronin have a jinx that buff his HIT by 10% when having someone in front of him, it helps a bit).


I will just put it simple here: first rule is make sure you are the first to move. Always initiate combat first, use your first turn to kill one mob and try stun the remaining, repeat until necessary. If your party is low on health you can keep one of the mob alive to recover HP and SP as needed, passing will grant you 20 mana and 70% chance to guard.

Some other minor detail:

  • I notice that aoe in Mistover is kinda garbage because the mob scattered all the places, the damage is not worth it either so you should only use AoE if it has the chance to finish one or two mob.
  • Using potion or any other item will cost you a turn so think carefully before doing that. Also you can use potion on any of your other crew member to save them in a pinch.
  • If you dealt a crit to a monster, they will receive heavy penalty in speed, enough to push it's turn to the bottom. Also guard and evade will grant Speed (counter), sometime it's enough to take the turn immediately after.
  • Putting cursed item on your crew will inflict them with a negative jinx, removing the cursed item won't remove the jinx. You can change the jinx in training.
  • If you notice your character are constantly being bled then you are infected by the mist, remove it in Jinx section at the training camp.
  • If your crew member is in limbo state after battle, they instantly gained about 20% of total health instead of dying. However, if they're bleeding heavily then they will instantly die if their health reach 0.
  • Before every boss i recommended that you should over level the boss by 1. For the great worm your party should be lv5, then for Koschei your party should be lv7, for the Goddess of Wealth is minimum lv8, 9 would be very good.
  • Boss is immune to every single debuff from player except marking. Killing a boss will reset the clock.
  • Reaper Stealing luck will steal every buff possible from the enemy, even the speed (counter) buff if guard proc'ed, however reflected damage is applied before the steal.
  • Stunning a monster who's protecting another monster will disable the protection for the stun duration.
  • If you encounter a new type of enemy, always check for it's abilities and stats. This is even more crucial in boss fight since they will generally have some OP skill which can wipe out your team. 
Game:   Mistover
Written by Hrist.