Mistover – How to Kill The Great Koschei

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All credit goes to Axanael!

  • Deep Sleep – Targets Entire Party – Light Damage – Stuns Targets
  • Great Creator – Summons 2 Golems
  • Cloud of Low Morale – Targets Cross – Inflicts – SPD
  • Unknown Color – Single Target – Damage
  • Unknown Linear Color – Targets Row – Damage
  • Incomprehensible Move – Single Targets – Grants Weakness Resist +50% for 1 Turn (maybe just grants a random buff).

Notes and Reccomendations

The battle will always begin with him casting Deep Sleep, so you basically lose a first turn if your entire party gets Stunned. Deep Sleep is usually only every 7-8 turns and other skills do not stun, Stun Resist may not be as useful as something like EVA or Move Resist, since the Golems have an attack that can knock back a party member 1 tile.

Because each Golem is pretty beefy, killing both will generally leave you with 2-3 turns before he re-summons them, if your composition is beefy (Werewolf with Burn Up!, Paladin with Provoke / Divine Hands, Priest with Prayer / Overflowing Love) you may want to set up Provoke and Burn Up and just take the Golem’s damage. Assuming it takes you 2 turns to kill one Golem, ignoring them and just doing damage to the boss means you only take 4 extra Golem attacks over the course of 4 turns versus killing the Golems one at a time. They hit relatively hard so you really want to have the ~30% DEF+ from Provoke on your Paladin, who should be taking most of the hits. With Divine Hands +50% Heal, you can keep your entire front-line healed (If you are running Ronin / Werewolf / Paladin) with Prayer of Love. You may want to have Holy Smite Cross on your Paladin just to reposition with. Having a Reaper inflict -HIT on the boss can also help if you are having trouble tanking, just remember you can’t Stun the boss.

Another reason to consider ignoring the Golems is MP management. Every turn spent blocking to recover MP is another turn of free damage you take. If you kill two waves of Golems, you will have dealt nearly double the damage you needed to actually kill the boss. Plus, if you kill the boss, any remaining Golems will simply de-spawn.

Ronin / Werewolf is probably the most effective combination for single target damaging the boss (and in general most likely) since they both utilize the Brand mechanic, and Werewolf also has a single target nuke with 200% + 25% Brand base for 15 MP, which is the most efficient up front damage. With the Brand bonus, any of the classes Bleed skills with 80% + 80% Bleed for 3 turns is only 15% more efficient at the cost of taking 3 turns to do the damage.

Most useful “extra” stats are probably:

  • EVA (what else is new).
  • Move RES – To facetank the Golems.
  • Stun RES – The lower the DPS of your team the more useful this becomes.

Dump Stats for Accessories (though you want these just to get through the Cathedral’s regular mobs):

  • Bleed RES.
  • Weakness RES.
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